• Criminal Justice Applied Learning

    Hands-on learning is essential to WSU’s criminal justice program. Our exciting, interactive departmental activities complement skills you’ll be gaining in the classroom, and we strongly encourage you to get involved in such opportunities as:

    • Criminal Justice Club
    • Criminal Justice Honors Society (Alpha Phi Sigma, Lambda Rho Chapter)
    • Criminal Justice Opportunity and Career Fair
    • Field interviews
    • Field research
    • Guest lectures
    • Mock crime scenes
    • Mock interviews
    • Mock trials
    • Physical security assessments

    We also offer challenging research opportunities overseen by faculty members—like partnering with a New England school district to study and evaluate its schools’ anti-bullying programs. You may even have the chance to present your findings at Worcester State’s annual Celebration of Scholarship and Creativity.


    Criminal Justice
    Learning Resource Center
    Suite LRC-120