• English

    As a student in the English Department at Worcester State University, you will become a clear and effective communicator through the comprehensive study of language and literature.

  • Guided by our highly qualified faculty, you’ll learn to analyze and interpret the classics of world literature, with an emphasis on the major authors, works, and literary movements of British and American literature. You also will hone your written skills through our innovative writing programs and collaborative writing opportunities. Combined with the critical thinking skills you’ll develop as you progress through the program, you will graduate with a strong foundation for a career in such diverse fields as teaching, publishing, business, and law.

    If you are planning to specialize in an area of interest, we offer concentrations in journalism and writing as well as in the interdisciplinary fields of women’s studies and global studies. To complement your coursework and expand your global perspective, we encourage you to consider studying away. You can take advantage of our evening courses. In fact, you can complete our English major program entirely at night, if that best suits your lifestyle. If you are majoring in another field, you can enhance your career options with a minor in writing.

    And if you are seeking an advanced teaching degree or state licensure, we offer a convenient, high-quality graduate program.