• Timothy Cook  

    Timothy L. Cook

    Contact Information
    Office ST-310 P
    Watershed Science Laboratory
    Ph.D. Geology, University of Massachusetts, 2009
    M.S. Oceanography, University of Delaware, 2004
    Sc.B. Geological Sciences, Brown University, 2001

  • Courses Taught
    I typically teach at least one section of Physical Geology (GS 140) every semester and every spring I teach Oceanography (GS 225). In alternating fall semesters I teach either Lakes and Environmental Change (GS 370) or Modern and Ancient Sedimentary Environments (currently GS 299). I also teach a freshman seminar every other fall semester called Continental Collisions, Ice Ages, and the shaping of New England.
    My research interests are broadly concerned with understanding the processes that govern interactions between the climate system, the hydrosphere, land surfaces and the sedimentary record. I investigate how both natural and human changes in the Earth system influence watershed, lake, and sedimentary processes and apply this knowledge to studies of long-term climate and environmental change. I have worked in both coastal marine and freshwater lake and river environments in locations ranging from the High Arctic to the tropical Pacific. My research is currently focused on several areas: In New England, I am studying the sedimentary record in a network of regional lakes in an effort to better understand the impacts of human activity and landscape changes on sediment yield and water quality and to develop paleoclimate records that can help constrain the occurrence of extreme flood-producing precipitation events in the region. I have ongoing work in the Canadian Arctic focused on reconstructing past climate variability and constraining our understanding of the sensitivity of polar regions to climatic change. In addition, I am working in the Mealy Mountains region of Labrador, Canada investigating climatic and environmental controls on the production and burial of organic carbon in lakes.
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