• Graduate Assistantships

    One of the best ways to get an in-depth understanding of your field is to learn from a leader in that field. That’s what Worcester State University graduate assistantships are all about. You are eligible for a graduate assistantship if you are matriculated into a WSU graduate program and have at least a 3.0 GPA. We give preference to students enrolled in 9 credit hours per semester.

    A graduate assistantship gives you the opportunity to work with a mentor at an advanced level and to take on professional-level responsibilities such as teaching support, research, and clinical work. The program also helps attract other top-notch students interested in full-time study, further increasing the quality of our graduate programs.

    Professional-Level Responsibilities
    As a graduate assistant, you will take on advanced responsibilities that give you the experience of being a professional in your chosen field. Those responsibilities typically include:

    • Teaching Support—Help professors prepare classroom materials, lead discussion groups, and supervise laboratory sessions, tutoring, or other instructional activities.
    • Research—Assist professors or administrators in conducting research that may lead to a joint public presentation, the joint authorship of a publication, or to a graduate thesis.
    • Clinical—Synthesize academic course work in a real-life clinical experience and assist a professor or a field supervisor in testing clinical methods or procedures.
    • Administrative—Participate in student development activities, such as studies in retention, counseling, and student surveys.
    • Instruction—Teach 1 course per semester as assigned by your academic department—typically during the second academic year of your assistantship.
    Full-time Graduate Assistantships:
    • Workload—15 hours per week for 15 weeks
    • Course load—up to 9 hours per semester
    • Stipend—tuition and course fee remission, plus $2,400 per semester
    Part-time Graduate Assistantships:
    • Workload—10 hours per week for 15 weeksCourse load—up to 6 hours per semester
    • Stipend—tuition and course fee remission, plus $1,600 per semester
    • Application and Review Process

    A limited number of graduate assistantships are available. Degree-seeking, matriculated graduate students can apply for an assistantship through the Office of Graduate and Continuing Education.