• Joseph P. Baratta

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    Office Sullivan 327K

    Ph.D., Boston University
    MAT Boston University
    B.A., St. John’s College

    Curriculum Vitae

  • Courses Taught
    • HI 103,104 and 105, World Civilization I, II and III
    • HI 193 FYS Promise of the United Nations
    • HI 204 History of Science and Technology
    • HI 224 and 225 English History I and II
    • PO/ HI 201 and 202 International Relations I and II 


    The Politics of World Federation.
    Vol.1: The United Nations, U.N. Reform, Atomic Control.
    Vol. 2: From World Federalism to Global Governance (Praeger, 2004)

    My book, The Politics of World Federation, was referred to prominently by Thomas G. Weiss in his February 2010 presidential address to the International Studies Association, which appeared in print in Thomas G. Weiss, "What Happened to the Idea of World Government?"International Studies Quarterly (2009) 53: 253-271.

    For the text of the introduction to this new book, please see:

    The United Nations System: Meeting the World Constitutional Crisis (Oxford: ABC-Clio, 1995)

    "Of Global Democracy and Global Government," The Federalist Debate, 21:1 (March 2008): 43-46.

    "Toward Global Governance," Peace and Change (July, 1999): 340-72.

    Monographs funded by the U.S. Institute of Peace on international verification, peacekeeping, arbitration, and human rights; articles on the Baruch plan, Grenville Clark, the Kellogg-Briand pact.
    Honors and Grants
    Baratta, Joseph Preston. "World Government or Global Governance: The U.N. Project in Historical Perspective." In Democracy at the United Nations: U.N. Reform in the Age of Globalization. Ed. by Giovanni Finizio and Ernesto Gallo. Bruxelles: P.I.E. Peter Lang, 2013.

    Peer review of "Evolutionary World Government," Peace Research: Canadian Journal of Peace & Conflict Studies, 18 January 2013.

    Evaluation and report on merit for publication of Nancy Peterson Hill, Grenville Clark: Statesman Incognito: Inside the Life of a Very Private Public Citizen. Columbia, MO: University of Missouri Press, 2013 (3 June 2013).

    "The Complementarity of the Thinking of Kant and Hamilton in the United States." In Kant and Hamilton on Federation. Berlin: Peter Lang, forthcoming.

    "A World State Is Inevitable," Review of Alexander Wendt, Social Theory of International Politics. The Federalist Review, 26, 1 (March 2013): 55-58.

    "Note on Referral Jurisdiction of the ICJ." The Federalist Debate, 25, 3 (November 2012): 52-53.

    Biographies for the web site of the World Citizens Association,

    Arnold Toynbee, World Historian

    Stringfellow Barr, Scott Buchanan, World Educators

    John Boyd Orr, World Nutritionist

    Grenville Clark, World Federalist

    Henry Usborne, World Politician

    Lionel Curtis, World Citizen

    Lionel Robbins, World Economist

    Lord Lothian, World Citizen

    Louis B. Sohn, World Lawyer

    Jack Whitehouse, Harris Wofford, Cord Meyer,

    World Federalist Youth

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    Peer review of Lucio Levi’s article, "Global Governance and Its Limitations. Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, Section on World System History, ed. by George Modelski. 24 October 2010.

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