Club Kickoff 2020

September 4, 2020

Club Kick Off is a yearly event which gives students an opportunity to learn about many of the clubs and organizations students can get involved in here at WSU.

This year Club kick off has a new format. Rather than a one day event, many of our clubs will be hosting either an in person table for 2 hours or a virtual session over zoom. In person tables will be located in the student center and offer a window to safely connect with club members in person. Virtual Club Kick Off Sessions will still allow for students to connect with one another and learn about the organization over zoom. See below for full instructions to sign up and attend virtual sessions.

To participate in the virtual tables via Zoom, please contact the organization through the name and email listed below:

Organization Contact Name Contact Email
Mindful Meditation Rebecca Carrillo
Senate Jacob Labonte
French Club Ryan Kilcourse
Chabad Karen Shalev
Student Nurses Association (SNA) Stephen Healy
Worcester State Equestrian Daria Desrosiers
NEW: Third World Alliance | Friday, 4pm Lydia Osuagwu

Our student leaders can’t wait to connect with you!