Ali Al-Faris
Ali Al-Faris
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Ali Al-Faris is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Worcester State University. Received a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering in 2005 at College of Electronics Engineering Bani-Walid and a Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems in 2009 from University of Technology Malaysia (UTM), In 2015, completed Ph.D. in the field of Computer Image Processing at University of Science, Malaysia (USM). Research interests include image processing, medical imaging and document processing.

College of Electronic Technology at Bani-Walid
Computer Engineering
Bachelor's Degree
University of Technology, Malaysia
Computer Sciences
Master’s Degree
University of Science, Malaysia
Computer Engineering/ Image Processing

Courses Taught

CS-101: Basics of Computer Science

A survey course that provides a foundation in computer science by presenting a practical and realistic understanding of the field.


(3 Credits)

CS-140: Introduction to Programming

Introduction to fundamental structures and concepts of Computer Science including object-oriented programming; three lecture hours and one two-hour laboratory.


(4 Credits)

CS-193: First Year Seminar - Game Design

The course covers topics in game design. It is designed as a team-based course, so students will be designing, modifying, and creating games throughout. It begins with the principles of game design and then moves into a series of iterative design cycles with basics of computer game implementation tools.


(3 Credits)

CS-242: Data Structures

Introduces time complexity and covers fundamental data structures: lists, stacks, ques, search trees , dictionaries, priority ques, B-trees and inverted files.


(3 Credits)

CS-282: Unix Systems Programming

Problem solving and software design using C; introduction to UNIX programming utilities and text manipulation; low-level system programming in UNIX and C.


(3 Credits)

CS-348: Software Process Management

Project management including planning, progress measurement, estimation, and risk assessment. Functional and non-functional requirements. Software licenses, contracts and intellectual property.


(3 Credits)

CS-443: Software Quality Assurance and Testing

Requirements analysis and test plan design. Testing strategies and techniques. Test coverage using statistical techniques. Code reviews and inspections.


(3 Credits)