• Center for Business and Industry

    If you are helping to lead an industry, business, or non-profit organization that values career development, Worcester State University’s Center for Business and Industry can give you a strategic advantage in the competitive landscape. Like you, we recognize that highly skilled, motivated employees are a tremendous asset. We offer flexible, competitively priced credit and non-credit courses and certification programs that can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs—from skills training to leadership development.

    Our offerings include:

    • Certificates and workshops
    • Online training courses
    • Courses in English and Spanish for the workplace

    We also actively advocate for economic development in the greater Worcester region.

  • Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment to discuss your organization’s needs. We’re on the fourth floor of the Shaughnessy Administration Building, Division of Graduate and Continuing Education.

    Phone: 508-929-8130