Centers & Institutes

  • Center for Business and Industry

    The Center for Business and Industry at Worcester State University provides quality, customized, flexible workforce training for our business and nonprofit partners. We can deliver training at your site, online, on WSU’s campus, or a combination.

    We offer both credit and non-credit training. We can customize solutions to fit your unique business needs. We will meet with you to understand your business goals and challenges. When you partner with us, we will work with you closely throughout the implementation of your training plan. We also offer open enrollment programming on campus that is accessible to individuals and businesses.

    Your partnership with us extends beyond our workforce training sessions. You can rely on us for additional training, and we can provide access to event-sponsorship opportunities and WSU’s student and alumni talent pool to fill open positions or internships at your organization.

  • Training Topics

    The Center for Business and Industry offers training on a variety of topics and skills, including:

    • Business writing
    • Communication skills
    • Customer service/relations
    • Leadership
    • Management and supervisory skills
    • Microsoft Office applications
    • Performance management
    • Presentation skills
    • Project management
    • StrengthsFinder assessment and training
    • Team building
    • Time management
    • Workplace English
    • Workplace Spanish
    Leadership and Management Certificate Series
    Hiring and promoting managers who can effectively lead their staff is vital for strong employee engagement and retention. A manager’s effectiveness can be improved by developing competencies in areas such as performance management, team building, and managing change.

    The Center for Business and Industry offers a Leadership and Management Certificate Series to fill your leadership-skills gap. The program features day and evening sessions taught at the WSU campus. The affordable cost makes the series perfect for companies that need training for a few employees and individuals who are unemployed or underemployed.

    The series can also be brought on site to your organization and can be customized to meet your specific business needs.
    Workplace English as a Foreign Language
    Most employees who grew up speaking a language other than English are eager to increase their skills in speaking English. They know that improving these skills will help them to become more valuable to their employer and accelerate advancement opportunities. To meet the needs of these employees and their organizations, the Center for Business and Industry provides high quality Workplace English as a Foreign Language training that is customized to fit your organization’s needs.
    Our Workplace English as a Foreign Language programs emphasize the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, with specialization in vocabulary and American expressions (slang and idioms) used every day. English as a Foreign Language training is commonly delivered to groups of individual employees who speak several different native languages.

    There is often a special need for employees to learn vocabulary used in your workplace, for example, banking or manufacturing terminology. We work with management to identify and offer that specific terminology. We also work with your employees to improve cultural sensitivity.
    If you are interested in on-campus courses in English as a Foreign Language, contact the Intensive English Language Institute at 508-929-8120.
    Workplace Spanish as a Foreign Language
    As the number of Latinos in the workplace and in our communities increases, many organizations have identified a need to train their supervisors and staff to speak Spanish. The Center for Business and Industry has a group of experienced, proven trainers who meet this need.
    Our Spanish as a Foreign Language instructors work with management and supervisory employees and staff to identify the specific needs and terminology to be included in the training. The classes and the curriculum can be completed tailored to the needs of your business.
    Access Grant Funds for Training

    The state’s Workforce Training Fund Program is financed entirely by Massachusetts employers not only to encourage them to train current and newly hired employees, but also to provide businesses with the resources to cover training costs. The Center for Business and Industry is committed to our partners’ success. We will:

    • Assist with grant writing
    • Provide and manage training
    • Support partners throughout the grant period and beyond

    We can assist with the following WTFP grants:

    General Program – Training grants of up to $250,000 for companies of any size for customized training; grants available for a variety of topics including leadership and management skills, customer service, and English as a Second Language*

    Express Program – For companies with up to 100 employees; training grants of up to $3,000 per employee per course and $30,000 per company per calendar year, with awardees eligible for reimbursement of up to 50% of the actual cost of training; an off-the-shelf training curriculum*

    Technical Assistance Grant – Planning grants up to $25,000 to assess training needs*

    Consortium Grant – Available to multiple partners who are collaborating to address similar training needs*

    Free information sessions are scheduled throughout the year.

    *Source: Commonwealth Corporation

    Complete Our Survey
    We are conducting a survey to gather information about the training and professional development activities occurring in organizations throughout our region. The information will provide us with valuable data that can be used to develop relevant programming and services for the business community. We would appreciate you taking the time to complete this 5-10 minute survey or passing it along to a human resources manager at your organization.