• Information Technology

    IT touches every facet of life at Worcester State—spanning computer network, Internet access, email and phone communications, classroom instruction, hardware and software, collaborative learning, security, strategic planning, and infrastructure. We offer training and support on Blackboard, Microsoft Office, and more. Our goal is to enhance teaching and learning with technology.

  • Resetting your WSU Password Off-Campus

    If you are prompted to change your WSU password while off-campus, follow these steps:

    For Windows Users with University Issued Laptops

    Note: Windows users with university issued laptops will need to know how to connect to the WSU network via VPN.

    1. Log into your laptop with your current WSU password (the password is cached for your profile)
    2. Change your password using the Password Reset utility
    3. Once the password has been successfully reset, connect to the VPN using your new WSU password
    4. Once connected to VPN, lock your computer (Windows Key + L)
    5. Log into your computer with your new WSU password

    For Mac Users, and Windows Users with Personal Laptops

    There is no synchronization between a either a Mac user's laptop password or a personal Windows laptop password and your WSU network password, so resetting the network password is simple:

    1. Change your password using the Password Reset utility
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