• Emily Soltano  

    Emily Soltano

    Contact Information
    Office Sullivan 241M

    Ph.D., B.A., University of Albany, SUNY


    Area of Specialization
    Dr. Soltano’s research examines the influence of linguistic information (e.g., sound, spelling) on spoken word comprehension. Specifically, she examine whether response times to auditorilly presented words in isolation are facilitated or inhibited depending on whether an immediately preceding word contains similar (black-blast) or different (black-nurse) sounds. She is also interested in examining the influence of similar linguistic information when words are embedded in a sentence. More recent research projects examined the above topics to more applied situations, for example how we understand sarcastic comments and how we process online communications.

  • Courses Taught
    • General Psychology
    • Psychological Statistics
    • Research Methods
    • Applied Research Methods
    • Cognitive Psychology
    • Conferences Soltano, E.G., *Servello, M.S., *Stilwell, J. & Kalia, V. (2015, March). The role structure plays in student’s knowledge and metacomprehension. Presented at Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association.
    • Philadelphia, Pa. Meyer, S.E., Larrivee, L. & Soltano, E.G. (2014, November). Examination of Communication and Social Skills of Internationally Adopted Children. Paper Presented At The American Speech Hearing Association.
    • Orlando, Fl. Soltano, E.G. (2013, August). Keeping the lecture: Enhancing metacomprehension. In B. Jee (Chair), Cognitive Theories Applied:Using psychology to improve classroom practices. Paper presented at the 121st Convention of the American Psychological Association.
    • Honolulu, Hi. Soltano, E.G., Larrivee, L. S., & Meyer, S.E (2011, October). No Pain No Gain: Working with students on Interdisciplinary research. Paper presented at the 17th Annual Meeting of the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Psychology.
    • Fairfield, CT [Invited paper] Soltano, E.G., Meyer, S.E., Larrivee, L.S., Kerr, J. & Kappos, E. (2011, November). SLP’s Involvement in Language Evaluation of Internationally Adopted English Learners. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Speech Language Hearing Association, San Diego, CA.
    • Larrivee, L.S., Meyer, S.E., Soltano, E.G., Carroll, J., & Catacchio, K. (2011, November). Early predictors of English-Language Acquisition in Internationally Adopted Children.
    • Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Speech Language Hearing Association, San Diego, CA. Soltano, E.G. (2011, August). Many Perspectives of a Department Chair. In B.S. Russell (Chair) Flexibility in Faculty Expectations – Responding to a Range of Learning Readiness in the Undergraduate Classroom. Symposium conducted at the 119th Convention of the American Psychological Association. Washington, DC.

    Selected Publications

    • Soltano, E.G., Meyer, S.E., & Larrivee, L.S. (2014). Enhancing student learning through interdisciplinary research.
    • Under Review Larrivee, L.S., Meyer, S.E., & Soltano, E.G. (2011, July). English Phonology Development after International Adoption: A Case Study. Manuscript submitted to the Pennsylvania Speech Language Hearing Association (PSHA) Journal.
    • Soltano, E.G. (2008) How to evaluate What students have learned about Cognition. In AP Psychology: Cognition and Language. (C. Hakala, ed.), College Board, Princeton, NJ.
    • [invited chapter] Soysa, K., Dawson, L., Kanner, B., & Wagoner, M, & Soltano, E. (2009). A state college perspective: Assignments and course content in teaching diversity. In Getting Culture: Incorporating Diversity Across the Curriculum, (R. Gurung, & L. Prieto, eds) Stylus Publishing, Sterling, VA. 
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