• Psychology Research

    Collaborating with your professors on research projects will reinforce classroom learning and expose you to best research practices. Here, you will have the opportunity to join in faculty-led undergraduate research on a wide range of topics including predictors of stress and students’ adjustment to college, emotion and self-regulation, predictors of anxiety and depression, visual perception, and analysis of visitor interaction with works in a Worcester Art Museum gallery. Many of our students have co-authored important papers and presented well-regarded posters at regional, national, and international conferences.

    We recognize these remarkable student-faculty collaborations at our annual Celebration of Scholarship and Creativity. Recent projects include:

    • The Correlation Between Social Media Usage and Social Skills (A Cross Cultural View)
    • Reducing Test Anxiety Contributed to High-Stakes MCAS Testing in Public Schools
    • The Effect of Teaching Structure and Boredom Proneness on Metacomprehension and Compression
    • Gendered Help-Seeking Among Male Students
    • Climate of Change: Psychological Determinants of Pro-Environmental Behaviors
    • Models of Serenity in Undergraduates: Factor Structure, Stress, and Well-Being