• Applying for Scholarships

    Through our online application system we automatically match you with all of the available scholarships for which you are qualified based on the answers you provide on the general application and information about you in the University’s student information system, Colleague. Further, the system will recommend additional scholarships you may be eligible for but which might require you to provide some more information.

    The annual application period is January 15 to April 15 May 4, 2022. During this time period students may enter the system, complete and submit their scholarship application. While the application period is open students may edit their application and provide additional information.

    The scholarship committee's decisions are made after the close of the Spring semester each year. If students are selected to receive an award they will be notified in the early July timeframe and awards will appear as a credit on their invoice with the University for both the fall and spring semesters. Students who are not selected for an award are notified thereafter, typically in late July.

    Below are steps to help guide you through the scholarship application process:

  • Getting Started

    The scholarship application has a General Application section and an Opportunities section. After you submit your general scholarship application, the program will automatically apply you to those scholarships for which your information is a perfect match. You will not need to take any further steps. Please note that more than half of the scholarships have this “auto apply” feature.

    To maximize the number of scholarships for which you will be considered, it will be important to also take advantage of applying to any additional scholarships that the system recommends for you based on answers entered on your application and/or academic information uploaded from our campus records database. To apply for these additional scholarships, you must click on the scholarship listed and follow the instructions to be considered for these scholarships.

    If corrections need to be made after your scholarship application has been submitted, you can log in and update your information as long as it is before the application deadline passes.

    Personal Statements

    You will be asked to provide 3 brief personal statements designed to help Scholarship Review Committee members learn more about you. This gives you the chance to describe yourself as a Worcester State student, your post-graduation plans, and your financial situation.

    You can cut and paste your information into the personal statements portion of the application from any word processor program. Do not use special text formatting such as bold, italic, colors, etc., as these will not appear.

    Pay special attention to spelling, grammar, and content as your application will be carefully reviewed by the Scholarship Committee.

    Password Protection

    All scholarship applicants must use Worcester State login usernames and passwords to log in to the scholarship application. If you are a newly admitted student, please make sure you have received a Worcester State student ID number and have activated your Blackboard account with a valid email address before you attempt to apply for scholarships.

    You can use your Worcester State login credentials as you log in and out to complete and update your application without having to create and remember a different password.

    If you need help with your Worcester State ID or password, please visit our University Technology Services Help Desk at 508-929-8856.

    Worcester State is committed to providing the latest security and data encryption services for your protection. We do not collect personal information on our website to sell, rent, share, or otherwise disclose to outside organizations.
    Scholarship Directory
    You can review the opportunities page for a comprehensive list of hundreds of academic scholarships when you log in to the scholarship application portal. Since scholarships are offered by various donors, departments, and organizations to students who meet specific criteria, we encourage you to apply regardless of your accomplishments, field of study, class level, or GPA.

    Please note there may be different deadline dates for the various scholarship opportunities. Since these deadline dates can change without notice, please do not procrastinate on finishing the application process.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    When is the scholarship application filling period?

    Scholarship applications are being accepted between January 15 and May 4, 2022. However, several scholarship opportunities will remain open beyond that deadline for specific majors, programs, or student groups. Therefore, we encourage you to occasionally log in to check your application status and to see if there are any new scholarship opportunities available.

    Please note there may be different deadline dates for the various scholarship opportunities. Since these deadline dates can change without notice, don’t procrastinate on finishing the scholarship application process.

    Does the number of classes I’m taking affect my eligibility for a scholarship?

    It can. Most of the undergraduate scholarships, unless otherwise noted, require full-time enrollment for both semesters for the academic year in which they are to be awarded.

    Do I need to submit my FASFA?

    In most cases, yes. A FASFA is required need based scholarships. It is best to always file a FASFA if you are eligible to do so. Not all scholarships are need based so if you are not eligible to file one that does not immediately disqualify you from applying for scholarships.

    What is the value of the average scholarship?

    Most of the scholarships which are available are between $500.00 and $1000.00 annually. This amount is split evenly between first and second semester.

    Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

    They system will automatically match you to as many scholarships as you are eligible for. There is no need to “apply” for more than one. The system does that for you.

    How do I obtain a Worcester State username and ID number?

    You must first apply for admission to Worcester State University, be accepted and pay your deposit. Once your deposit is processed you will receive information from the admissions office that will enable you to set up your online account including a username and ID number. Current students should use their current Worcester State login credentials. Students who have not been accepted for admission or who have not paid their deposit indicating their intention to enroll are not eligible to apply for scholarships.

    Who is eligible to apply for scholarships?

    Scholarships are available to all matriculated students who are continuing or transfer students, undergraduate and graduate students, and incoming first year students and incoming transfer students who have paid their deposit to attend Worcester State for the academic year. Most scholarships require full-time attendance.

    Scholarship eligibility is administered by Worcester State, and qualifications vary according to stipulations of individual donors who funded the scholarship.

    When will recipients be notified?

    The awarding of scholarships starts at the middle to end of June and usually concludes by the end of August. Most students who have been selected to receive a scholarship will receive notification on or before July 15 and the award amount will appear on the Fall Semester Invoice.

    After the application deadline has closed, you will need to monitor your Worcester State email to see if you have been awarded a scholarship. If you are awarded a scholarship, a congratulatory email will be sent to you stating the name and amount of the scholarship.

    Typically around the end of August after all awards are processed, students who were NOT selected are also notified.

    What are the requirements for a student who has been selected for a scholarship to remain eligible to receive it?

    As a scholarship recipient, you’re required to send a thank-you letter to the donor(s) of your scholarship and to attend a donor event which is generally held in the early part of the fall semester. Failure to provide the note of thanks or attend the event may be cause for revocation of the scholarship award. The process for submitting the note of thanks is all through the online scholarship system. Notes can be typed directly into the scholarship portal or created as a word document and copied and pasted.

    Invitations to the Scholarship Donor event are sent via email from the office of University Advancement.
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