Campus Communications

  • University Branding & Logos

    The following identity guidelines have been developed to give materials associated with Worcester State University a consistent, readily identifiable look. Refer to these guidelines when developing any materials intended for an internal (on campus) or external (off campus) audience.

    Worcester State University Brand Standards

    Worcester State University Athletics Brand Standards

    Note: The Worcester State University Brand Standards Manuals are periodically reviewed and updated (with a revision date provided on the cover).

    Please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing with questions about the correct use of logo files or for access to official vector-based University logos.

    Downloadable Logos

  • Primary Logo

    The primary Worcester State University logo is approved for university communications, advertisements, promotional and branded merchandise, when used with a white background.

  • Secondary Logo

    The secondary logo is approved for use on general communications that contain a solid field of color (typically blue) or in cases when the logo is placed over photography.

  • Stationery Logo

    The stationery logo is reserved for use on stationery and very select printed University communications. Please use the primary and secondary logos for all other purposes.

  • Newsprint Logo

    The newsprint logo should be reserved for use on black and white print documents only.


    Note: These rasterized logos files are intended for use in on-campus printing. The JPEG format logos feature an opaque white background, while PNG format logos offer full background transparency. Vector-based versions of these files are available upon request from


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