• University Police

    The Worcester State University Police Department provides a full range of police resources to the university community, including 24-hour patrols, criminal investigations, crime and rape prevention programs, and event security planning. We believe in proactive law enforcement with an emphasis on community policing.

    Our officers focus on prevention and enforcement of laws and university rules and regulations. We invite everyone on campus to participate in our community policing efforts. This partnership provides you with direct contact and personalized safety services.

    While we prefer to use proactive means to prevent crime and disruptions—and use alternatives to arrest when reasonable—our sworn officers have enforcement and arrest authority on the Worcester State campus. We also have mutual aid agreements with the Worcester Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police.

  • Staff Listing

    Policing at Worcester State University is provided 24 hours a day throughout the calendar year by a full-time staff of sworn police officers, residence hall security officers, a full-time Emergency Coordinator, full-time dispatchers, and a full-time Parking and Transportation Manager. University police officers enforce the rules and regulations of WSU in conjunction with applicable state and federal laws.  

    Command Staff

    Chief Jason Kapurch
    Lieutenant David Drezek
    Lieutenant William Marrier
    Lieutenant Michael Vigeant
    Sergeant Jason St. Amand

    Administrative Command Staff
    David St. Martin - Emergency Manager Coordinator
    Jason White - Transportation and Parking Manager

    Patrol Division

    Officer Ilyas Abu
    Officer Sokol Ballta
    Officer Patrick Brossi 
    Officer Kevin Gaudette
    Officer Matthew Mahota
    Officer Ryan McQuaid
    Officer Joshua Rosa
    Officer Edward Santiago
    Officer Sean Shattuck  
    Officer Marjeta Skenderi
    Officer Gail Tebo
    Officer Kevin Weigold

    Administrative Division

    Brendan Boyle - Dispatcher
    Bledi Demirazi - Dispatcher 
    Ian Sullivan - Dispatcher
    Julie Holy - Dispatcher
    Kyle Cordaro - Dispatcher 
    Christos Tsigas - Parking Enforcement 

    Mission Statement

    The WSU Police Department works to ensure a peaceful quality of life, establish a partnership with the community, and support a safe learning environment. The department, in its mission to provide quality services to the WSU community has adopted the following values:

    • Maintenance of the highest standards of integrity and ethics in its staff and department policies, procedures, and actions to create an environment that values differences
    • Excellence and teamwork among members of the department in the performance of the department’s duties
    • Protection of Constitutional rights
    • Problem-solving for continuous departmental improvement
    • Continuous planning for the future
    • Provide premiere public service and law enforcement services to the WSU community
    • Engagement in extra-departmental networking to continually improve department response and service
    • Continuous encouragement of community input and consideration of that input in the review of policies and procedures