Club Highlight | eSports

October 2, 2023

Take some time to learn more about eSports at Worcester State!

Club Name: eSports
Mission: Our mission is to bring friendly competition through gaming to WSU. We are focused on helping people learn the games they want to show whilst also having fun and being passionate for the gaming medium as a whole.
Club Meeting Time: Thursdays 4-10pm in Seven Hills Lounge, room 109 of Wasylean Hall
Contact information/Social Media: X: @esports_wsu, Discord Server

Why should students get involved with your organization?
If you’ve ever been interested in exploring the depths and complexities of video games, especially of those in the fighting game genre, but don’t know where to start…then come join our club. We want to focus on the onboarding process of helping fellow students learn more about eSports, competitive gaming, and the entire tournament scene as a whole. We are also a judgment-free zone for anyone looking for a community to get themselves into such as the new environment of a college campus for some. We live and die by our newer members and push for diversity in this club and gaming as a whole. It does not matter if you are disabled, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ etc, etc., if you show an earnest interest in the games we play, we will make you a friend.

What types of events and/or programs do you do throughout the year?
We focus on mainly tournaments surrounding the fighting game genre as we feel that is easiest to run on locally on a campus. Going forward however, we want to and plan to expand the club to be running sessions for games casual or competitive. So far, Trading Card Games and more “traditional” eSports genres such as FPS, MOBAs and Sports games are on our radar. So please try to watch out for those.

What has been one of the biggest successes of this organization?
A great accomplishment we’ve hit as a club isn’t anything like meeting numbers or huge donation drives and funds. Rather, it is the relationships this club has built in and out of campus. Despite focusing on the competitiveness of video games, this club has focused on and made a community full of friends who are looking out for each other in earnest and have their interests in good faith even outside of gaming. For more tangible achievements, a few of us went down to Florida this past summer and participated in one of the biggest tournaments this year for the fighting game scene, CEO 2023! We not only competed but also helped organize a side tournament and commentate on it in a professional production.

What do you think your organization brings to the students at Worcester State?
Overall, after having the club up and running for two years with what feels like near-unstoppable momentum. We can safely say that what we majorly bring to the student body of WSU is an outlet for those who maybe can’t/don’t want to participate in the more major and well-known extracurriculars such as sports/dance etc and give them a solid community and group of friends. Despite the focus on competition, our club never has and never will put others down for their skill level.

How can interested students join your organization?
If you’re interested in what we do, feel free to email us at or join our Discord for more information and real-time communication.

How can the campus community learn more about your programs and events?
If you want to learn more about how we run our weekly events, we have most if not all of our past tournaments and events up on our YouTube Channel. Every week we make an attempt to stream these tournaments to get eyes on our members from both the campus community and the general eSports scene alike.