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Randall Tracy
Professor of Biology
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In my own research, I continue to investigate animal adaptations to their environments and couch many of my studies within Conservation Biology. By coupling physiological to ecological studies, I am able to test competitive interactions among species and the limits placed upon them with regard to their distribution and abundance. The diversity of animals has always fascinated me, and I have always endeavored to gain a deeper understanding of its governing principles through empiricism. I approach my research in a comparative context, and my research interests can be divided into four nonexclusive areas within the context of mammalian physiology and ecology:

1) Intra- and Inter-specific Variation in Mammalian Physiology
2) Developmental Plasticity in Physiological Ecology
3) Conservation Biology
4) Effects of Global Warming on Patterns of Distribution and Abundance of Vertebrates

Arizona State University
Biological Sciences--Emphasis: Environmental Physiology & Physiological Ecology
University of Connecticut
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology--Emphasis: Physiological Ecology
University of Connecticut
Biological Sciences