Headshot of Roger Greenwell
Roger Greenwell
Associate Professor, Co-Coordinator of Undergraduate Biotechnology Program
508-929-8601 rgreenwell@worcester.edu
Faculty Office
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Areas of Expertise


My research projects include:
1. Screening thielavin derivatives and other semi-synthetic drugs for antimicrobial activity
2. Intercellular communication between soil bacteria and the role of secondary metabolites on streptomycete development
3. Dissection of the signal transduction system involved in regulation of biosurfactant production in Streptomyces coelicolor
4. Group IV sigma factor signal transduction systems and their role in cellular development or stress response in Streptomyces coelicolor
5. Monitoring microbial diversity in soils of Worcester City Parks.
6. Evaluating the soil microbiome of pristine soils from Antarctica.
7. Worcester State University Community Health Improvement Plan (WSU-CHIP) Outreach Program with Worcester Division of Public Health (DPH) – decrease incidence of sexually transmitted infections in Worcester County target demographic aged 15-24.
8. Tiny Earth Initiative Partner – crowdsourcing discovery of new antibiotics in the classroom laboratory