I. Purpose of this Notice

Worcester State University respects and protects the privacy of alumni, donors’ and affiliates’ personal
data. We work diligently to safeguard your personal information to prevent unauthorized information
access or disclosure, maintain information accuracy, and ensure appropriate use of collected
information. This notice explains how Worcester State University, through Advancement (including:
Alumni Relations, Advancement Services and Development), may collect and use your personal data for
engagement and development activities.

Personal data is information that Worcester State University holds about you and which identifies you.
This information is detailed further below.

II. Worcester State University’s Commitment to Alumni, Donors & Affiliates

When you choose to attend Worcester State University, you agree that we can process your personal
data for administrative and educational purposes. Such purposes include processing your personal data,
at the appropriate time, for alumni and development activities as well. The University regards its alumni
engagement efforts, including its outreach to alumni and the services it provides to alumni, as an
important and integral part of the University’s long-term commitment to its students. Similarly, when
you donate to or are otherwise affiliated with Worcester State, you agree that we can process your
personal data in connection with your donation or affiliation.

III. Where Do We Get Your Personal Data?

The University’s Advancement Office obtains and updates personal data regarding alumni, donors and
affiliates from various sources, including the following:

From you, when you:

  • provided information to the University as a student (if applicable)
  • provide information through one of our websites or through the act of donating or volunteering
  • provide information in response to University outreach (e.g. response cards, surveys, forms, etc.)
  • have discussions with University representatives
  • register to attend and/or attended a University-related event

From third-party sources:

  • certain publicly available information may be provided by third-party sources that assist us with
    pursuing our purposes described below, including: affiliated and related University organizations; media;
    public records; directories; social networks; and market research sources.

IV. Categories of Personal Information We May Hold

The information about you that we may maintain includes:

  • name (including former name)
  • degrees and years earned
  • details of your University experience (e.g., residential, student activities)
  • contact information (e.g., address, telephone, email provided by you to the University or University representative)
  • gender
  • date of birth
  • employment and business details, including: positions, professional memberships and qualifications, and other notable achievements (if reported by you or publicly available)
  • family details and relationships with other University constituents (if reported by you, given to a university representative, or publicly available)
  • events you have been invited to and whether or not you have responded or attended
  • volunteer and giving activity
  • a history of communications with you (e.g., mailings, emails, meetings and conversations with University representatives)
  • any other information you have shared with us or affiliated organizations (e.g., class notes, awards and other accolades)
  • photographs and other media from Worcester State and affiliated events

V. What Do We Do With Your Personal Information?

We may use your information to help us maintain an engaged alumni community and for fundraising purposes. For example:

  • to verify alumni status and provide a personalized online experience
  • to process a gift
  • to track event participation
  • to support your volunteer activities
  • to support University initiatives through philanthropic efforts

VI. Who Can See Your Information?

Your personal data is held securely within the University Advancement. We follow PCI guidelines in our
payment/donation processing, which regulates that no credit card or bank account data is ever stored.
There are strict permissions given based on user roles for those with access, as well as policies as to
manage what is stored and where it is stored. Our University Advancement staff receive training on
data protection, including compliance and confidentiality. Certain personal information is also shared
with contracted vendors and other University departments for discrete University business purposes (e.g., mail houses, event venues, market research for engagement and fundraising efforts). These vendors must agree to the data privacy policies (i.e., related to confidentiality, usage, etc.) prior to receiving such information. We do not sell or
share your personal data with third parties for commercial purposes.

VII. Communications

We may, from time to time, communicate with you by email, mail, telephone, or other methods, to
pursue the purposes mentioned above. In particular, we regularly communicate with alumni, donors,
and affiliates regarding events, fundraising and volunteer activities.

VIII. Retention

We view being a member of the University and part of the alumni community as a lifelong relationship.
In general, the University may retain University alumni, donor and affiliate personal information in
perpetuity or until the individual asks us to remove it from our records.

If you decide that you no longer wish to receive communications from Worcester State University Office
of University Advancement, please understand that we still need to retain certain personal information
for our records (e.g., to show that you don’t want us to contact you or for audit and compliance
purposes). You can contact advancement@worcester.edu or 508-929-8979 to be removed from