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  • Center for Community Media

    At Worcester State University’s Center for Community Media, we partner with local non-profit organizations to help document and publicize their philanthropic endeavors through mass media production. We also host tutorials on audio/video production, podcasting, web streaming, social media, advertising, public relations, and media research for the campus and larger Worcester communities.

    If you are a Worcester State student, we encourage you to join in our work. You’ll have the opportunity to engage directly with non-profit organizations to help disseminate their messages via mass media. In the process, you’ll learn about the social and democratic processes of community building. You’ll also develop a strong grasp of—and deep appreciation for—intercultural communication.

    The center is open for business during the fall and spring semesters.

  • Recent and Ongoing Projects
    • We are currently working with WSU’s Multicultural Affairs Office to produce high-definition video profiles of WSU’s Alternative Individual Development and Upward Bound programs. The video profiles of the 2 programs will serve as web content.
    • We have established a partnership with Worcester Art Museum to help heighten public awareness of its exhibits, events, and educational imperatives. We have produced video segments highlighting the museum’s mission and showcasing some of its exhibits.
    • Under our guidance, a representative of the Shrewsbury Historical Commission is currently utilizing our post-production facilities to edit a short documentary chronicling the restoration of a historical building.
    • We partnered with a recent WSU graduate with to facilitate the production of 2 public service announcements designed to heighten public awareness of disabled youth and inform people of summer camp options for this particular demographic. The public service announcements were recorded in WSU’s TV studio under our supervision and with technical support from several students.
    Julian Berrian
    Office LRC-301

    Participating Members
    Don Bullens
    Alta Carroll
    Julie Frechette
    Daniel Hunt
    Emeka Nneji