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  • Study Away

    Whether you are a student or faculty or staff member, you can participate in, help develop, and promote academic and cultural exchange, world travel, and global understanding at Worcester State University. We are committed to the internationalization of our campus, and our extensive study-away programming and International Programs Office support that goal. 

    We encourage you to spend time studying away or participating in international service-learning programs. As a Worcester State student, you will be able to choose among short-term, faculty-led programs and longer term programs that involve travel abroad for a summer, a semester, or an academic year to places like Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Pacific, the Middle East, or Europe. Our membership in the National Student Exchange, an extensive domestic exchange network, increases the number of experiences in which you can participate. 

    Cross-cultural experiences give you a broader perspective and a greater maturity and readiness to accept cultural differences. In fact, data shows that students who participate in study away programs have higher graduation rates, higher GPAs, and are more employable upon graduation. On average, they also take home higher salaries.

    Program Options  
    You can choose to study way in one of more 60 countries in the world for as short as a week or as long as an academic year—or longer. 

    WSU Short-term Faculty-Led Programs. Faculty-led programs are short-term trips (1 to 3 weeks) led by WSU faculty members. They integrate international travel and field research with classroom experience. Programs run in January, March, May, and June. Popular destinations include Morocco, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and France.

    WSU Exchange and Partner Programs. You can study abroad at exchange partner institutions in the Czech Republic, China, England, Portugal, South Korea, and Thailand for a semester or academic year while paying Worcester State University tuition and fees.

    WSU Affiliated Providers. We partner with more than 12 affiliated providers to give you access to their summer, semester, and academic year programming across the globe. You can study for a semester, summer, or academic year. To learn more, click on any of the following:

    National Student Exchange. Our membership with the National Student Exchange offers you the option to study for a semester or academic year at one of nearly 200 universities in the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada. You can choose to pay WSU tuition and fees or the in-state tuition and fees of the host institution. More information can be found at


    • Spencer Perry Photo 1

      Gyeonbokgung Palace

      The structure behind Spencer Perry '14 houses a throne room located inside the Gyeonbokgung Palace in Seoul, which was constructed during the Chosun Dynasty.

    • Lanterns Along the Eightfold Path

      Lanterns along the Eightfold Path

      These lanterns hang above the Eightfold Path, the quadrangle at the heart of Dongguk University's campus. The lights commemorate the birthday of the Buddha.

    • Cave on Jeju Island

      Cave on Jeju Island

      While on an excursion to Jeju Island, Spencer Perry '14 went cave exploring with other international students studying at Dongguk University in Seoul, Korea, inside of an extinct lava tube.

    • Blossoming Cherry Trees

      Blossoming Cherry Trees

      The blossoming of the cherry trees in South Korea is a special event for South Koreans and tourists alike. When the weather is nice, people enjoy walking along scenic trails to view the flowers.

    • Chungmuro Station

      Chungmuro Station

      Chungmuro Station is located a few blocks from Dongguk University. Seoul's subway system provided Spencer Perry '14 with convenient access to most places in Seoul.

    • National Folk History Museum

      National Folk History Museum

      The National Folk History Museum (background) in South Korea, housed within the Gyeonbokgung Palace grounds, showcases Korean artifacts dating from ancient times to the present day.

    • Lotus Lantern Festival

      Lotus Lantern Festival

      The annual Lotus Lantern Festival celebrates the birth of the Buddha. This year, the ceremony also served as a somber memorial for the victims of the Sewol Ferry accident.

    • Seongsan Ilculbong on Jeju Island

      Seongsan Ilculbong (Sunrise Peak)

      While on Jeju Island, Spencer Perry '14 hiked up Seongsan Ilculbong (Sunrise Peak) with a group of international students from Dongguk University. Overlooking much of Jeju Island.


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