• University Police

    The Worcester State University Police Department provides a full range of police resources to the university community, including 24-hour patrols, criminal investigations, crime and rape prevention programs, and event security planning. We believe in proactive law enforcement with an emphasis on community policing.

    Our officers focus on prevention and enforcement of laws and university rules and regulations. We invite everyone on campus to participate in our community policing efforts. This partnership provides you with direct contact and personalized safety services.

    While we prefer to use proactive means to prevent crime and disruptions—and use alternatives to arrest when reasonable—our 16 sworn officers have enforcement and arrest authority on the Worcester State campus. We also have mutual aid agreements with the Worcester Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police.

    Our prevention services and enforcement responsibilities include:
    • Escort service to and from vehicles on campus and shuttle parking lots
    • Additional security measures when needed
    • Investigative analysis to assign a deterrent force
    • Mobile device registration
    • Professional crowd control and traffic regulation before, during, and after events
    • Residential and office lock-outs (excluding vehicles)
    • Assistance to motorists
    • Emergency planning coordination
    • Money transportation
    • Lost and found
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