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  • Visitor Parking Pass Request Form

    A Worcester State University Visitor Parking Pass is a pass for visitors and guests to the campus which enables them to park in student lower campus areas. Visitor passes must be requested with at least 3 days notice. All visitors should come to the WSU University Police Station in Office 102, Wasylean Hall if they are not able to request a pass in this time frame.

    • The pass is not transferable or re-usable and is only valid for the time marked.
    • Requests will not be accepted from current WSU students.
    • Visitor passes are not valid for overnight parking.
    • Students and staff are not eligible for visitor passes.
    Phone number
    Date of visit
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    Time of visit
    Reason for visit
    Contact phone number
    Contact Person on Campus
    License plate number
    Auto Make / Color (i.e. Ford / Green)
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    Parking  and Transportation Office
    Wasylean Hall, Office 102

    Monday - Friday
    8 a.m. to 4 p.m.