• Services for Employers and Recruiters

    Worcester State University’s Career Services Office is your connection for recruiting from our pool of talented undergraduate and graduate students and alumni. WSU students:

    • Conduct innovative research and develop creative ideas with acclaimed faculty; engage in service learning opportunities in the community; and pursue study away opportunities in the United States and abroad
    • Are prepared to take on real-world challenges with portfolios that include critical-thinking, teamwork, problem-solving, communication, technology, and global-awareness skills
  • LancerLink - Professional Opportunities

    LancerLink is Worcester State University’s free online internship and job database dedicated to helping our students and alumni make professional connections with employers. In the Career Services Office, we believe LancerLink is such a useful tool that we require all students and alumni to set up an account in order to schedule an appointment with us. The growing number of students and alumni who use LancerLink makes it worthwhile for employers to establish accounts and use it as a recruiting tool.

    We consider our work with employers a partnership effort. Our goal is to achieve the best match possible between individual students and employing organizations. Employers and recruiters must set up an account and register available internship/job opportunities in LancerLink, to access all of our services, including a consultation session and information/recruiting table scheduling.

    Employer Access

    Consultation Session

    Employers with LancerLink accounts can take advantage of the exclusive opportunity to speak with a Career Services staff member to discuss recruiting needs and strategies. Once you have your LancerLink account set up, please contact us to schedule a 15-minute telephone consultation.

    As WSU's main resource for employer-student relations, let us help you to create a streamlined plan for an on-campus presence at our information/recruiting tables, fairs, and other events. Our discussion will focus on developing your existing efforts with regards to interviewing and recruiting our students for internship, part-time, and full-time employment opportunities.

    We also invite your representatives to contact us to express interest in collaborating with WSU faculty to host our students in practicums and clinicals. We welcome proposals for original programming as well.

    Schedule your consultation today

    Information/Recruiting Tables

    Our information/recruiting tables can be set up in high-traffic locations around our campus during the fall and spring semesters. (Check WSU’s Academic Calendar for dates.) There is no fee to reserve a table. However, this service is offered exclusively to employers with LancerLink accounts.

    We offer 6 locations:

    1. Sullivan "T" Corridor: the intersection of 2 main corridors of classrooms in our largest academic building, first floor Sullivan Academic Center; recommended best time is morning
    2. Ghosh Center Lobby: the entrance area of our Ghosh Science and Technology Center; ideal location for employers in the health-care, sciences, environmental, and technology sectors;  recommended best time is morning
    3. Library Lobby: the area between our circulation desk and library café; enjoys robust student use throughout the day and evening
    4. Shaughnessy Administration Building Lobby: the intersection of the entrance and academic mall corridor; recommended best time is morning
    5. Sheehan Hall Lobby: the lobby entrance to our dining hall, first floor Sheehan Hall; recommended best time is lunch (11:30 a.m. start)
    6. Student Center Ramp: the entrance of the Food Court, first floor Student Center; recommended best time is lunch (11 a.m. start)

    During your initial consultation session, we will help you identify the best location for your needs.

    What We Supply

    • 1 table
    • 2 chairs
    • Access to electrical outlets

    What to Bring

    • A table banner with your organization's logo
    • Handouts about your organization
    • Information about internship and job opportunities

    Successful on-campus recruitment requires planning. Submit a registration request form today.

    Please note that the scheduling of all tables is dependent on date and space availability.

    Reverse Career Fair

    Reverse career fairs are the latest in talent recruitment endeavors occurring on higher education campuses through the United States. At WSU, we hold our Reverse Career Fair in conjunction with our annual Celebration of Scholarship and Creativity. This format is intended for employers to view the critical thinking and problem solving our students are perfecting in a wide range of disciplines.

    Instead of the traditional career fair set-up, our students stand at display tables showcasing posters of their original academic work. Hiring employers walk from table to table to learn more about students’ projects. Projects range from research posters to analytical papers to performances.

    This year’s Reverse Career Fair will take place Wednesday, April 17, 2018, from 3 to 5 p.m. in our Wellness Center. If you are an employer interested in attending this event, please complete the online registration form by Friday, April 5th.

    As a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the Career Services Office adheres to NACE best practices and the Massachusetts employer labor standards.