Centers & Institutes

  • Latino Education Institute

    At the Latino Education Institute of Worcester State University, we strive to improve the academic achievement and well-being of Latino students (grades K-16) and their families, including students enrolled at WSU. Our goal is to narrow the education achievement gap through direct services to students, family engagement, and research.

    We serve more than 2,100 families yearly with programs in education, literacy, leadership, civic engagement, health, and violence prevention. We’ve developed innovative models that boost family-school involvement, highlight the strengths of Latino families, employ gender-specific design, reduce school dropout rates, improve enrollment in college, and promote an informed citizenry.

    Through our family-engagement initiatives, we provide innovative solutions for families looking for ways to increase their English-language literacy skills. If a family is new to this country, we help them navigate local systems and resources and connect them with other families that share similar experiences.

    On the research side, we are a respected source of timely education policy analysis—we’re frequently commissioned to provide information to private foundations, elected officials, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our data analysis and participatory action research have been instrumental in shedding light on the trajectories of Latino students.