Love WSU

February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lancers! Today is the day to celebrate the people and places that you love and show your appreciation for them. We reached out to a few WSU students to talk about what they love about Worcester State and why they are proud to be Lancers. Here is the response from a few students who love Worcester State University:

“It is hard to pick a sentence of what I love about WSU. WSU holds a special place in my heart. This place has allowed me to be myself and grow in a welcoming environment, it has allowed me to create good friendship bonds as well as explore different connections and opportunities. I love that Worcester State is always creating avenues for me to grow, make connections, explore friendships and be my most authentic self.”

“In the fall of 2019, I enrolled at Worcester State University. I have never had a minute since then to second guess my decision to attend Worcester State University. Everything about my time at the university, from the professors to the academic advising center to registration, was a godsend that made my time there more enjoyable. I met with students from all walks of life with a single goal in mind: so determined to remove any and all obstacles to their academic success. I am very lucky to have them because they have remained a moral and academic pillar in my life. The professors, on the other hand, gave me countless office hours to swim back and forth with my lessons and memos until all my doubts were cleared. In the end, their contributions to my studies assisted me in realizing a long-held ambition of mine: to become a competent writer and researcher. It feels different having people around you who are relentlessly unwavering in their efforts to see you achieve your goals.”

“I love all of our awesome clubs and organizations!

“I love the acai bowls!”

“I love the amount of activities such as bingo and even workout classes!”