• Communication Sciences and Disorders Department

    In the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department at Worcester State University, you will learn about normal human communication processes as well as speech, language, and hearing disorders that can develop in children and adults. In small classes taught by our expert faculty, you’ll hone the interpersonal, critical thinking, problem-solving, scientific reasoning, writing, and presentation skills you need to succeed in career fields ranging from healthcare to education.

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    If you are interested in continuing your studies in areas like speech-language pathology, audiology, and speech and hearing science, you’ll have the opportunity to supplement our rigorous curriculum with additional math and science courses to provide a strong foundation for specialized study.

    Outside of class, you’ll apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations. You’ll conduct meaningful research with faculty members and engage in hands-on patient care at more than 75 practicum sites and at our own Speech-Language-Hearing Center. You also will have the opportunity to get involved in the CSD Honors Program or the WSU Honors Program for exceptional undergraduate students. If you are majoring in a complementary field like psychology, health sciences, education, or cognate fields like nursing and occupational therapy, you can enhance your career trajectory with a minor in CSD.

    Our department also offers a graduate program in speech-language pathology that offers you the option of an accelerated, full-time or part-time curriculum. As an accepted graduate student, you may apply for Assistantships offered by our Graduate School.