Research Administration

  • Faculty Mini-Grants

    At Worcester State University, we understand the importance of nurturing faculty scholarship and creativity. Our competitive Faculty Mini-Grant Program is one of the ways in which the Provost's Office supports scholarly activity and innovative teaching.

    This program offers our faculty an opportunity to apply for University funding for individual or interdisciplinary scholarly research and creative activities. Proposals can focus on any stage or activity of a project—pilot activities, data collection, analysis, or completion and presentation of a final product. Outcomes of these activities may lead to opportunities for more significant funding from private foundations or government agencies.

    The Mini-Grant Review Committee consists of faculty and the associate vice president for Academic Affairs, who is a non-voting member. They volunteer to review proposals and make recommendations to the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs.

    The Provost's Office collaborates with the University Advancement Division to administer $100,000 in mini-grants annually.

    Recent grant awards include:

    • Function of the IFIH1 Gene in Xaevis Leavis Development
    • Pediatric Resuscitation and Emergency Simulator
    • Making Better Sense: Social Justice Meets Philosophy of Language
    • Best Practices in Providing Mental Health Support in PreK-12 Schools
    • The Global Critical Media Literacy Project: Encouraging Civic Learning in Massachusetts Higher Education
    • Sex, Gender and Honor in the Courtroom and the Streets of Twentieth-Century El Salvador
    • Measurement of the Compressibility of Chiral Solutions with a Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
    • Hearing Conservation in Trainee Firefighters
    • Aging and Disability
    • Directing a Play at the University of Benin, Nigeria

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