Club Highlight | Chabad on Campus


As one of the newest student organizations at WSU, Chabad on Campus is one or our many faith based organizations on campus. OSILD chatted with Chabad President, Karen Shalev, to learn more about the important role that Chabad plays on our campus and what programming and educational opportunities the group brings to the WSU community.

Club Name: Chabad on Campus at Worcester State University
Mission: Chabad on Campus at Worcester State University belongs to the international Chabad on Campus program that supports the vibrancy and growth of Jewish student life on campus. Chabad on Campus at Worcester State University, affiliated with Chabad Lubavitch of Central Massachusetts, exists to serve and support the University’s Jewish and other interested students by providing religious, cultural, social, and educational programs.
Club Meeting Time:  Bi-weekly on Wednesdays from 3pm-4pm via Zoom.
Contact information/Social Media: IG @wsu_chabad | Twitter @wsu_chabad | Email | Facebook | Website

Why should students get involved with your organization?
We are dedicated to serving and supporting Jewish and other interested students in any way they need. Through our Rabbi Mendel Fogelman and Rebbetzin Chana Fogelman, we are able to provide students with access to kosher food, Shabbat and holiday services, mezuzahs, and anything else they need.  Joining WSU Chabad means joining the international Chabad on Campus family that will support you during college and after graduation no matter where you go in the world.

What types of events and/or programs do you do throughout the year?
We provide lots of fun events throughout the year on top of regular religious programs at Central Mass Chabad, located just five minutes from Worcester State University. We are excited to be able to provide both exciting virtual opportunities, as well as socially distanced events like Shabbat dinners with the best kosher food in the area.

What has been one of the biggest successes of this organization?
Our biggest success has been and continues to be being able to fulfill the legacy of the Lubavitcher Rebbe by connecting Jewish students to their heritage.

What do you think your organization brings to the students at Worcester State?
Our organization provides a needed opportunity for Jewish students to connect to their heritage. It can be difficult to stay connected to your Judaism on college campuses. We are here to support Jewish students and provide them the support they need to be proud of their Judaism.

How can interested students join Chabad?
Interested students can join us by reaching out to us through email or social media, or attending a meeting or an event.

The campus community can learn more about our programs and events by following us on social media or emailing us for more information. The campus community is also welcome to join our mailing list to stay updated on programming and events.