Club Highlight | Hiking Club

March 9, 2021

Club President Logan Laflamme provided OSILD with some background information on the Hiking Club and shares how interested students can get involved!

Club Name: Hiking Club
Mission: The Hiking Club strives to create an easy way for people to connect with nature and get active while keeping in mind the importance of a clean environment. The club practices Leave No Trace, a set of outdoor ethics promoting outdoor conservation.
Club Meeting Time:  Before club events and treks and as needed throughout the semester
Contact information/Social Media: IG @woohike | Email

Why should students get involved with your organization?
Joining Hiking Club is a great way to get outdoors and meet others people who share similar passions.

What types of events and/or programs do you do throughout the year?
We organize hiking trips that vary in difficulty to give everyone a chance to have a fun time and challenge themselves.

What has been one of the biggest successes of this organization?
Recruiting new members and gathering great ideas for future trips.

What do you think your organization brings to the students at Worcester State?
Hiking Club is a great way to get away from your school work and the city for a couple hours. We introduce new locations to get fresh air and places to relax while seeing new views and heights.

How can interested students join the Hiking Club?
To join Hiking Club feel free to email the official Hiking Club email, or Direct Message our instagram account @woohike. Also feel free to email or ask one of the members of Hiking Club and we can make you a member through the account.

How can the campus community learn more about your programs and events?
Becoming a member does not have any requirements so asking to be on the email list will expose you to new events and hiking trips we plan.