Club Highlight | Cheerleading Club Sport

Take some time to learn more about the Cheerleading Team, a club sport at Worcester State!

Club Name: Cheer Team
Mission: The Cheerleading club is intended to boost school morale and spirit through the participation and instruction in the sport of cheerleading. We participate in local competitions around New England and nationally to represent the university. We work to promote good sportsmanship, personal integrity, team cooperation, and university events.
Club Practice Time: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7-9pm in the May Street Building
Contact information/Social Media: IG @worcesterstatecheer, Email

Cheer Team at Daytona Beach, FL in April 2022

Why should students get involved with your organization?
Students should get involved with the WSU cheerleading team because it is a way to promote school spirit and get involved with your school. It is a way to make friends while doing something that will keep you active and is fun!

What types of events and/or programs do you do throughout the year?
Throughout the year we attend events such as club kickoff, the homecoming pep rally, accepted students day, many fundraisers, and a collegiate cheer showcase that we hosted. This year is also our first year we will be attending home football games. Our main event of the year is attending NCA nationals, in Daytona Beach Florida!

What has been one of the biggest successes of this organization?
One of our biggest successes as an organization is winning the 2021 Virtual NCA Nationals in Division 3 intermediate all girl. Another huge success was overcoming a season with many obstacles and getting to our goal of attending NCA Nationals in person for the first time in program history!

What do you think your organization brings to the students of WSU?
Our organization brings the students of WSU a place where they can show their school spirit and be involved in a team that really enjoys and loves what we are doing.

How can interested students join your organization?
Interested students can email us or message us on Instagram to learn more about the team and receive information on how to join!

How can the campus community learn more about your programs and events?
The campus community can come to the football games and other on campus events to see us cheering, and talk to members of the team if they are interested in learning more about us!