Orientation Leader Reflections

April 15, 2024

As we get ready to welcome the Class of 2028 in a few short months, we look back on last year’s Orientation program and ask some of our Orientation Leaders to reflect on their experience.

Aliza Solivan
I learned to be able to stop and listen to the ideas that my fellow OLs had. Being able to be learn and grow together was an awesome experience. When I had my tough moments I could rely on my team to encourage me and help me push through. 

Hannah Rose
I loved getting to be a part of a team and working towards goals that would benefit a large number of people. I learned more about myself in terms of how I work with others and I gained really valuable leadership experience. In addition to the actual programs, I especially liked the month leading up to Orientation when we were in training while also living together and going on group trips. I’ve never experienced anything quite like that where connections were developed and friendships were built so quickly.   

Holly Eppenstein
I loved being an orientation leader because of the relationships I was able to build and the experiences I was able to gain through this program , I loved learning about myself as an orientation leader and definitely was able to build communication skills and relationship skills when it came to the Ol’s and the students 

Jazlyn Mejia-Palomino
I really enjoyed being able to give incoming first-years as positive of an impression as possible and also being able to form connections and friendships with my fellow Orientation Leaders. From my experience, I was able to build a lot on my social, public speaking, and leadership skills. Working with so many people helped me learn more about working with people who have different strengths and values. Acting as a leader and guide for groups of first-years helped me become more comfortable with speaking in front of larger groups of people and also helped build my confidence in myself and my ability to be a good leader.

Keila Carmona
Being an Orientation Leader was such a cool experience for me. I got to help new students adjust to college life and made some awesome connections along the way. Below are some things I enjoyed and learned:

– Making Friends: I loved meeting new students and helping them feel at home.
– Being a Leader: Being in charge and helping plan events was cool. Boosted my leadership skills.
– Teamwork: Working with my fellow leaders taught me a lot about teamwork and communication.
– Problem-Solving: Dealing with unexpected issues during events taught me how to think on my feet.
– Speaking in front of a big crowd: I had to talk in front of big groups, which improved my public speaking skills.
– Event Planning: Organizing events sharpened my planning and organizational skills.
– Helping Hand: Guiding new students showed me how to be supportive and understanding.
– Time management: Balancing everything as an orientation leader taught me to manage my time more efficiently.

It was a game-changer for me, giving me skills I can use in many situations!

Kyram Pou
I really enjoyed getting to make new friends and deepen my connections with friends I already knew prior to Orientation. I learned more about who I am along with leadership strengths I have. Being an Orientation Leader has been an amazing opportunity to network with other students and faculty and has opened many doors at WSU.

Lily Morgan
I loved being an Orientation Leader and meeting some of my best friends due to this program. Doing Orientation allowed me to meet others that I would not have otherwise. I applied on a whim and I am glad that I did. I learned to be a better leader, and it started my involvement around campus. It was a fun month and I am excited to do it again next summer. It is a great opportunity to represent the college to incoming first-years. 

Makayla Davenport
Being an Orientation Leader instilled a great amount of confidence in my leadership abilities that I would not have received anywhere else. Having an experience where I could help incoming students grow while also growing myself was great. Through being an Orientation Leader, I grew my skills in confidence, leadership, and work experience, while making many great friends along the way!

Pedro Hidalgo
Being an Orientation Leader not only allowed me to understand myself more as a human being but it also allowed me to understand that I’m more capable of things I didn’t think I was capable of before. The Orientation program is great for anyone who might want to explore their sense of individuality but also have a greater understanding and experience of what you could be capable of and how to unravel these traits.