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Jeremy R. Andreatta
Associate Professor
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The central theme of research in my group is the design and development of organometallic complexes for use in catalysis with a focus on green chemistry. The development of atom economical reactions, minimization of extraneous solvent use, and use of more environmentally benign solvents (i.e. water) will be the major driving force for catalyst design. First, the use of borylcyclopentadienyl transition metal complexes for the catalytic formation of alkylated pyridines will be developed. The second project will focus on the synthesis of new multidentate, water-soluble ligands and metal complexes as potential catalysts for hydrogenation of unsaturated substrates. Both of these approaches will provide fundamental understanding towards the development of more environmentally benign chemical processes on both lab and industrial scales.

Tarleton State University
Chemistry & Mathematics
Texas A&M University
Inorganic and Organometallic Catalysis, Activation of Carbon Dioxide
University of Virginia
Organometallic synthesis and catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis
Postdoctoral Fellow

Research At A Glance

Synthesis of pincer complexes for catalysis

Synthesis of pincer complexes for catalysis

This project focuses on the synthesize and characterize (IR, NMR, crystallography, etc.) of a series pincer ligands (Scheme 1) and their corresponding transition metal complexes. Students in my group will investigate the effects of varying the para-OBz functionality on various catalytic processes.