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Noah Daleo
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I’m an Associate Professor in the math department at Worcester State University.  I graduated from the mathematics Ph.D program at North Carolina State University.  I’ll update this page soon with some info about my teaching and research.


I teach a variety of cources at WSU, ranging from 100-level freshman courses to upper level advanced math.  Here are some of the courses I teach most often:

  • MA 180 Intro to Functions
  • MA 190 Precalculus
  • MA 200 Calculus I
  • MA 201 Calculus II
  • MA 202 Business Calculus
  • MA 240 Theory of Proof
  • MA 260 Linear Algebra
  • MA 340 Modern Geometry
  • and more

For more info about these courses, see the math dept. page here.  If you’re a current student looking for course materials, please login to Blackboard.


My research is focused on numerical algorithms in algebraic geometry with an emphasis on numerical elimination theory. This work includes applications to mathematics, science, and engineering.

In a broader sense, I am interested in mathematical computing using software such as Matlab, Octave, and Bertini. Whenever possible, I enjoy discussing this in classes I teach.

  • D. Mehta, N. S. Daleo, J. D. Hauenstein, and C. Seaton.
    Gauge-fixing on the lattice via orbifolding.
    Published in Physical Review D, 90, 054504 (2014).
  • N. S. Daleo and J. D. Hauenstein.
    Numerically deciding the arithmetically Cohen-Macaulayness of a projective scheme.
    Published in Journal of Symbolic Computation, 72, p. 128-146 (2016).
  • N. S. Daleo, J. D. Hauenstein, and L. Oeding.
    Computations and equations for Segre-Grassmann hypersurfaces.
    Published in Portugaliae Mathematica, 73(1), 71-90 (2016).
  • D. Mehta, N. S. Daleo, F. Dörfler, and J. D. Hauenstein.
    Algebraic geometrization of the Kuramoto model: Equilibria and stability analysis.
    Published in Chaos, 25, 053103 (2015).
  • N. S. Daleo and J. D. Hauenstein.
    Numerically testing generically reduced projective schemes for the arithmetic Gorenstein property.
    Published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 9582, 137-142 (2016).
  • A. Bernardi, N. S. Daleo, J. D. Hauenstein, and B. Mourrain.
    Tensor decomposition and homotopy continuation.
    Published in Differential Geometry and its Applications, 55, 78-108 (2017).
  • D. A. Brake, N. S. Daleo, J. D. Hauenstein, and S. N. Sherman.
    Solving critical point conditions for the Hamming and taxicab distances to solution sets of polynomial equations.
    Published in Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on Symbolic and Numerical Algorithms for Scientific Computing, Timosoara, Romania, pp. 51-58 (2019).
North Carolina State University
Ph.D., Mathematics
North Carolina State University
MS, Mathematics
Kennesaw State University
BS, Mathematics