• Laser Safety

    Environmental Health & Safety

    The Worcester State University Laser Safety Program has been developed to provide guidance for the safe use of lasers and laser systems. It incorporates the recommendations and requirements outlined in the American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers (ANSI Z136.1-2007) and is applicable to all individuals involved in the use of lasers and laser systems.

    Laser Safety Plan

    The Laser Safety Plan provides direction on the types of procedures, equipment, work practices, and personal protective equipment that are combined to protect laser users from the potential health and physical hazards inherent to working with Class 3B or 4 lasers or laser systems.

    Note: the Laser Safety Plan will be available to download here.

    Laser Safety Training Requirements

    All new faculty, staff and students must attend the laser safety training at their initial time of hire, and then pass a web-based laser safety test. The test consists of questions related to specific laser safety rules at the University. Once the test is passed, one can begin working in the laboratories with lasers.

    Notification of dates of safety presentations and test availability will be through campus email. Annual re-testing will take place at the beginning of each semester using the web-based laser safety test.