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    The mission of the Worcester State Foundation is to promote the growth and progress of Worcester State University beyond what is possible with state funding.
    Excellent colleges and universities flourish when they have the resources to attract motivated students and talented faculty, equip and maintain state-of-the-art facilities, and adapt programs to the changing needs of students and the community. The Worcester State Foundation works to ensure that Worcester State University has the resources it needs to thrive and maintain its reputation for academic excellence—now and into the future. We connect your charitable objectives with the needs and mission of the university.
    Under the management of the University Advancement Division, the foundation increases awareness of WSU’s excellence, promotes Worcester State’s importance and vitality, and raises private gifts to support the university’s mission. As an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization, the foundation develops, fosters, and cultivates relationships with WSU’s external constituencies, including alumni, friends, corporate partners, private foundations, and supporters in the greater Worcester community and beyond.
    For more information, contact Vice President of University Advancement Thomas M. McNamara at 508-929-8141.

  • Chair
    Mary C. Ritter
    Consultant, Maywood Consulting
    Committee: Executive
    Vice Chair
    Craig A. Bovaird ’77
    President, Built-Rite Tool & Die, Inc. and Reliance Engineering
    Committees: Executive, Endowment and Trust

    Jill C. Dagilis ’78
    Executive Director, Worcester Community Action Council
    Committees: Executive, Marketing and Public Relations
    Immediate Past President
    Gregg H. Rosen ’86
    President, NES Group Inc.
    Committees: Executive, Real Estate
    Edward L. Sherr
    Senior Vice President, Carl P. Sherr & Co. LLC
    Committees: Endowment and Trust, Executive
    President and Clerk
    Thomas M. McNamara ’94
    Vice President of Institutional Advancement, WSU
    Committee: Endowment and Trust
    George H. Albro ’65, M.Ed. ’68
    Retired Educator
    Committees: Audit, Marketing and Public Relations, Scholarship

    David E. Bedard ’74
    Producer/Senior Account Manager, Charter Communications
    Committee: Scholarship

    Keith E. Blanchette ’98, C.P.A.
    Partner, Stolberg, Ebbeling & Blanchette, LLP
    Committees: Audit, Executive

    Jean M. Borgatti, Ph.D.
    Research Associate for Visual & Performing Arts, Clark University
    Committee: Scholarship

    John P. Brissette ’88
    Account Executive, Braley & Wellington Insurance Agency
    Committees: Development, Scholarship

    Mary Burke Fallon
    Retired Educator
    Committee: Scholarship

    Matthew Cote, Parent Representative
    Executive Director, Fletcher Tilton PC
    Committees: Endowment and Trust, Marketing and Public Relations

    Kim Cutler
    Graphic Designer
    Committee: Marketing and Public Relations
    Ann L. DeBaisio ’79
    Senior Vice President, Commercial Lines Sales Executive, Eastern Insurance
    Committee: Development
    Julia Dvorko, Ph.D., M.B.A.
    Central Massachusetts Program Director, Massachusetts Export Center
    Committee: Marketing and Public Relations

    Allen J. Falke ’93, Esq.
    Member, Mirick O’Connell’s Business and Trusts and Estates Groups
    Committee: Development
    James D. Glickman
    Principal, Glickman Kovago & Co.
    Committees: Real Estate, Endowment and Trust

    Lillian R. Goodman, Ed.D.
    Founder & Retired Chair, Lillian R. Goodman Department of Nursing, WSU
    Committee: Development

    Christopher J. Grondin ’97
    Director, Corporate Systems Engineering/Customer Operations, EMC Corp.
    Committee: Audit

    Maryanne H. Hammond ’69, M.Ed. ’72

    Retired Educator
    Committee: Scholarship

    Kristina Jackson ’93

    Renee A. King ’12
    Owner, The Queen’s Cups
    Committee: Marketing and Public Relations

    Barry M. Maloney
    President, Worcester State University

    Dorothy J. Manning ’88
    UMass Memorial Foundation
    Committee: Scholarship

    Rosanne (Sullivan) Matulaitus ’65
    Retired Educator
    Committees: Scholarship, Executive

    Michael J. Mills ’72 – AAAB Representative
    President and CEO, Business Coaches and Associates
    Committee: Marketing and Public Relations

    Satya Mitra, Ph.D.
    Certified Financial Planner
    Committees: Board Development, Executive Development

    Robert Morton ’87
    Executive Vice President and Senior Loan Officer, Millbury Savings Bank
    Committee: Real Estate

    Alexzandra Navarro ’17 – Student Senate Chair, Ex. Officio
    Chair, WSU Student Senate (2015-2016 Academic Year)
    Committee: Marketing and Public Relations

    Suzanne Nebelung, M.Ed. ’00
    Community Health Educator
    Committee: Marketing and Public Relations

    John J. O’Brien
    President and CEO, Leominster Credit Union
    Committee: Board Development

    Alan O. Osmowlowski ’91, CPA
    Partner, Grant Thornton, LLP
    Committee: Audit

    R. David Richer
    CEO, Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital
    Committees: Audit, Endowment and Trust

    Robert J. Spain, Jr. ’78
    Town Manager, Town of Millbury
    Committee: Marketing and Public Relations

    Peter J. Staiti ’02
    Vice President, TD Bank
    Committee: Board Development

    George W. Tetler III, Esq.
    Partner, Bowditch & Dewey, LLP
    Committees: Board Development, Real Estate, Endowment and Trust, Executive

    Ronald B. Valerio ’75, Ex Officio
    Chair, WSU Board of Trustees

    Steven J. Ward ’76
    Director of Public Health, Town of Watertown
    Committees: Audit, Development

    Randal D. Webber ’91
    Senior Vice President/Senior Loan Officer, SpencerBANK
    Committees: Board Development, Real Estate