• Checklist for Undergraduate Students

    1. Complete the Intent to Graduate Form in WebAdvisor. This forms needs to be filled out the semester prior to your graduation semester. The Registrar’s Office needs to verify that you have completed all requirements (general and major/minor). This step initiates the review process.
    2. Check WebAdvisor for eligibility to participate in the graduation ceremony. Your eligibility to participate can be found by clicking the Graduation Eligibility link under your Academic Profile section of WebAdvisor. This link will be populated with information after all reviews have been completed. Reviews can only begin after the add/drop period is over in your graduation semester. For example, if you are a May candidate, your Graduation Eligibility link will be populated with information by the end of February or beginning of March. If you are an early May, August, or December graduate, your Graduation Eligibility link will not populate information as your record is sealed. Early May, August, and December graduates are eligible to participate in the May ceremony.
    3. Review how your name appears in the Graduation Eligibility area of WebAdvisor. This is how your name will appear on your diploma and will be announced on stage at commencement, including eligibility for Latin Honors. If you have corrections, please contact the Registrar’s Office in person or at
    4. If you missed the deadline to purchase caps and gowns online, there will be a limited amount on sale at the Student Center Information Desk starting on Tuesday, April 17 for $40. Cash or OneCard only.
    5. Pick up your commencement invitations in April at the Student Center Information Desk to distribute to friends and family. There are no limitations to the number of guests you can invite. The invitations are keepsakes only and not required for admission to the DCU Center.
    6. Schedule a mandatory Exit Counseling Session if you borrowed a subsidized, unsubsidized, or PLUS loan(s) under the Direct Loan Program or the FFEL Program during your time at WSU. Failure to complete a loan counseling session will prevent you from receiving your diploma or official transcripts. Visit for more information.
    7. Reserve guest accommodations at area hotels as soon as possible due to high-demand that weekend. The Worcester area is home to 13 colleges resulting in multiple, coinciding commencement ceremonies.
    8. Complete the Accessible Seating Request Form to make arrangements with Student Accessibility Services if you or your guest(s) are a person with a disability and require special accommodations. Consider the special needs of the elderly and physically impaired due to the large crowd and venue size. Student Accessibility Services coordinates accessible seating and will distribute up to five tickets for each graduate. Tickets will be available in the lobby of the DCU on Saturday, May 19 beginning at 8 a.m.
    9. Nominate an Ella M. Whitney Award recipient. This honor is presented to a graduate at commencement to recognize their excellence in scholarship, professional skill, and personal development. The honoree is announced at the Academic Achievement Awards ceremony.
    10. Arrive at the DCU Center between 8 and 9 a.m. on commencement morning to check in before participating in the ceremony. If you are late, you’ll miss the opportunity to process and sit with your major’s section. Store your personal belongings elsewhere during the ceremony as there is no storage at the DCU Center. Parking is available at the Major Taylor Garage for a fee.
    11. Research health insurance plans if you will not be covered after graduation. Upon graduation, you will lose your student health insurance. Massachusetts’ residents who are 18 and older are required by law to carry health insurance and cannot have more than a 63-day lapse in coverage in a calendar year. Visit to research which plan is right for you, or call 1-877-MA-ENROLL.