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    Chemical Safety

    Worcester State University strives to protect all members of the University community from the health and environmental hazards presented by hazardous materials. It requires that the procedures, safety equipment specifications, and work practices covered in the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) be properly enforced, implemented, and observed. The Chemical Hygiene Officer is responsible for implementing the provisions of the CHP. University employees are responsible for observing the provisions of the CHP and for reporting unsafe conditions to their immediate supervisors. Copies of the Chemical Hygiene Plan are available to all University employees and students.

    Chemical Hygiene Plan

    All laboratories and other locations that use chemicals are subject to the OSHA standard titled: Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals; commonly known as the “Laboratory Safety” . The major requirement of the Lab Standard is to develop a written, lab-specific Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) which addresses the policies, Standard Operating Procedures, training, record keeping, etc. that ensure that employees are protected from harm due to hazardous materials.

    PDF icon Chemical Safety Plan

    Laboratory Safety Training Requirements

    All new faculty, staff and students must attend the laboratory safety presentation at their initial time of hire, and then pass a web-based laboratory safety test. The test consists of questions related to specific laboratory safety rules at the University. Once the test is passed, one can begin working in the laboratory. Notification of dates of safety presentations and test availability will be through campus email. Annual re-testing will take place at the beginning of each semester using the web-based laboratory safety test.