• Enrollment Management

    In the Enrollment Management Division at Worcester State University, we manage the student experience from start to finish. Our primary responsibilities involve informing, recruiting, accepting, and enrolling new first-year and transfer students, providing access to financial aid assistance, and facilitating services related to students’ academic records. We also work closely with the Provost’s Office, deans, faculty, and Student Affairs Division to provide services and supports our students need to be successful at WSU.

    As we make strides to improve the routes to higher education and streamline students’ path to degree completion, we are ensuring WSU helps the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education meet the “Big Three” goals of its Vision Project:

    • Boost College Completion Rates
    • Close Achievement Gaps
    • Attract and Graduate More Students from Underserved Populations

    The division's offices are staffed by dedicated and talented professionals who understand the needs of today's college students and how to best promote success inside and outside of the classroom. The areas Enrollment Management oversees include:

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