Club Highlight | Third World Alliance

Third World Alliance (TWA) is the major multicultural student organization on campus and has been on campus as a club for students for 40 years.  OSILD chatted with TWA President Diara Canton to learn more about TWA , their programs and initiatives, and how to get involved with the group!

Club Name: Third World Alliance
Mission: To promote multiculturalism, inclusion, and diversity on campus and in the greater Worcester community.
Club Meeting Time:  Tuesdays at 2:30pm via Zoom
Contact information/Social Media: IG @woostatetwa | Twitter @WooStateTWA | Snap @wsu_twa | Email

2019-2020 eboard members for TWA on their Martha’s Vineyard retreat

Why should students get involved with your organization?
TWA teaches students about the struggle, the joy, and the discomfort in our society and ways that we can still rise as our movement continues.

What types of events and/or programs do you do throughout the year?
Throughout the year, TWA is recognized for educating the Worcester State community on the struggles that people of color face and ways that we can unite and understand. TWA holds many annual events that promote different cultures from around the world and that are representative of students, faculty and staff on our campus.  Events such as our theme month speakers, Courageous Conversations lectures, the Multicultural Show, and the Poetry Slam are some of our most successful events each year.

What do you think your organization brings to the students of WSU?
TWA brings community to the campus in a cultural aspect. Students will get the opportunity to connect with other students of similar cultures to themselves while still learning about other cultures in a safe-space environment.

How can interested students join your organization?
Reach out Diara Canton at or any member of TWA and we’d be happy to get you involved!  Also, reach out via our social media!

How can the campus community learn more about your programs and events?
Follow us on our social media pages for more information as well as reaching out to any of the pages to be added onto our email list.
Announcement of 2020-2021 TWA theme

You can also read the stories from past TWA members Manasseh Konadu, Omolara Ojo, and Manuel Reyes-Ponce on our blog.