Student Spotlight | Kyram Pou

March 14, 2024

Kyram Pou, from Worcester, is a junior majoring in Communication with a concentration in Digital Media Production. Kyram is the Treasurer of the Student Government Association, President of the new Photography Club, a supervisor for Conference and Events Services, and an Orientation Leader. Kyram is also a student representative on the Foundation Board, the Speakers and Awards Committee, and the University Curriculum Committee.

Kyram Pou

How did you get involved in campus life? What advice would you give to students who haven’t yet found their place on campus?
When I transferred to Worcester State as a sophomore, I immediately knew what I wanted to be a part of. I always seek to be a change in my community, so I immediately joined the Intercultural Student Alliance (formerly known as Third World Alliance) to bring a sense of community and belonging to underrepresented students who don’t have much of a voice for themselves in their community. A piece of advice I would give to students who haven’t yet found their “people/place” on campus is: make your own place if you don’t see it. Don’t be afraid to mark your territory on what you are standing on. If you do not feel comfortable, make yourself comfortable. Make connections with current student leaders to see how you can help bring the change you want to see within your community.

How do you think you’ve changed as a leader throughout your time at WSU, and what aspects of your experience most influenced this change?
I began looking at Worcester State as a whole and realized I would like to help be the voice for all students, so I ended up joining the Student Senate. I immediately became a class of 2025 Senator, and was recommended to obtain the role of Treasurer. Over the course of my sophomore year, I began to make lots of friends which resulted in me wanting to pursue more leadership roles, like being an Orientation Leader. While being an Orientation Leader, I made more friends like myself who are leaders, which opened more doors for student networking opportunities at Worcester State. Making friends definitely plays a role in leadership change because more opportunities open and you begin to have more of a bird’s eye view of life at Worcester State.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned when it comes to leadership?
When it comes to leadership, I have been surrounded by different people. I’ve learned how to blend myself in with people of different backgrounds, cultures, preferences, and so on, and there’s so much more to learn. It’s important to take into consideration that not everyone will be the same as you so it’s important for you to take those first steps and make those connections because no one will do it for you. Each leader has different leadership styles and traits which makes them who they are, which is something I have been able to adapt to.

What would you say has been your best experience here at WSU?
My best experience at Worcester State is definitely being a student leader. There are so many different clubs I have been a part of, and there are more that I would like to be involved in. Each club has a different focus so I am always learning something new from each club, whether that is the Intercultural Student Alliance, Student Government Association, Photography Club, and so on. I have learned how to expand my leadership skills as well as my interpersonal skills beyond my typical lecture-style classroom, and I have been able to exert the skills I have accumulated throughout my time at Worcester State to real-world situations which I am more than appreciative of.

What advice would you give to students who are just beginning to explore the type of leader, or the type of person, they hope to become?
Never be afraid to make your mark. College is about YOU so you need to take those first steps to see the change you want to see in your community!

What are your current plans for the next few years?
For the next few years, I plan to obtain a Master’s Degree in Communication. Currently, there have been lots of schools I have been eyeing and I have faith that I will get into the school I really want to get into!