• Off-Campus Clery Act, Title IX & VAWA Guidance Reportable Travel

    Although the Title IX Final Rule (effective 8/14/2020) changed the geography regarding reporting of Title IX offenses, the Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA) and The Jeanne Clery Act still requires institutions to provide information and training on prevention, reporting and response to campus crimes and sexual violence.

    For questions, please contact Lt. Mike Vigeant, 508-929-8911, University Police,, or Jen Quinn, Dir, of Title IX, 508-929-8243,

  • Clery Act Travel

    Any off-campus travel and activity that meets the criteria below, must be reported to Worcester State University Police regardless if any Clery Act reportable crimes were known to have occurred.

    The university needs this information on Clery Act qualifying locations in order to follow-up with the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the Clery reportable space. Communication then occurs with the location’s local law enforcement agency requesting Clery Act crime statistics that were reported to have occurred during the time frame the university had control over the space. The purpose of this communication is to gather crime statistics that were reported directly to the local law enforcement and thus may not be known to university personnel.

    Not all off-campus student travel and activities need to be reported. To be Clery reportable, the activity must meet certain requirements.

    First, the university must have control over the space used for the student travel or activity. Control, as defined by the Clery Act, means that there is a written agreement (no matter how informal) directly between the university and the end provider for use of the space. Some examples of a written agreement include reserving hotel rooms, leasing apartments, leasing space for athletic purposes, or an agreement for academic space. Even if the agreement is in e-mail form, and there is no charge associated with the agreement, the space may still qualify as Clery reportable.

    Second, the controlled space must be used in direct support of, or in relation to, the institution’s educational purposes and frequented by students. Examples of "frequently used by students" is defined as meeting at least one of the following criteria:

    • More than one night.
    • Twice in one year separately
    • Once per year every year
    Travel/Activities that Qualify as Clery Reportable
     Is the agreement for space and/or lodging reservation directly with Worcester State?Is the agreement for space and/or lodging reservation directly with the individuals using the space?
    Is your trip/activity more than one night?Clery ReportableNot Clery Reportable
    Is the trip/activity less than one night but the location is used repeatedly, or used on a recurring basis, including annually.Clery ReportableNot Clery Reportable
    Is your trip/activity less than one night but is not used repeatedly, or not planned to be used on a recurring basis.Not Clery ReportableNot Clery Reportable
    Is your trip/activity a college sponsored field trip? (day trip)Not Clery ReportableNot Clery Reportable
    How to report a Clery Act/Title IX qualifying off-campus student travel or activity

    If your travel or activity takes place internationally, that information is collected through the International Programs Office and reported accordingly. If your trip is coordinated through that office, you do not have to register using the online form.

    If your travel or activity meets the criteria above please complete the Off-Campus Clery Act & Title IX Guidance Reportable Travel form. If you are unsure if your travel meets the required criteria feel free to fill out the google form or contact Lt. Mike Vigeant, UPD or Jennifer Quinn, Dir. Of Title IX for guidance.

    Pre-departure Training (Required by VAWA)

    To assure compliance with Clery, Title IX and VAWA Guidance, all advisors and students participating in University sponsored domestic and international trips and activities are required to receive pre-departure training on rights, responsibilities and reporting. The on-line google form will assist in scheduling those trainings as well.

    Report your Off-Campus Clery Act & Title IX Guidance Reportable Travel and schedule your pre-departure training.


    Jennifer Quinn M.Ed., CHES, CTTS
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    Drug and Alcohol Education Prevention
    Student Center
    Office SC338

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