• Chemistry

    In the Chemistry Department at Worcester State University, we focus on helping you develop a solid understanding of the principles of chemical processes through an innovative combination of classroom learning and laboratory experience. Here, you’ll discover the relevance of chemistry to a wide array of disciplines—biology, biotechnology, physics, medicine, nursing, and pharmacology, for example—and hone the scientific skills and knowledge you need to succeed in any of those areas. If you decide to pursue advanced study in a health-care field, you will graduate from Worcester State with the strong foundation you’ll need to continue your education. 

  • In small classes under the guidance of our accomplished faculty, you will examine chemical structures and reactions in such courses as organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and analytical chemistry. While our curriculum provides excellent overall preparation in chemistry, we also offer concentrations in areas like biochemistry, environmental and green chemistry, nuclear medicine, material science, and inorganic chemistry. As a WSU chemistry student, you may qualify for WSU's pre-medical, -dental, and -veterinary studies program or one of the Health Professions Advisory Programs that provide pathways to enrollment in MCPHS University's pharmacy, physician’s assistant, physical therapy, or optometry degree programs.

    During your study in the Chemistry Department, you will learn to translate scientific theory into practice through hands-on experimentation and research in state-of-the-art laboratories known for using green chemistry practices that protect the environment. Beyond the lab and classroom, we encourage you to participate in the Chemistry Club, which will give you the opportunity to perform chemistry demonstrations for local high school students. The department also hosts a chapter of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, the national honor society in chemistry.
  • Green Chemistry with Meghna Dilip

    Spotlight on Green Chemistry


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