• Sustainability Initiatives at Worcester State

    Single-Stream Recycling

    Recycling InfographicWSU initiated a single-stream recycling program in 2006. Blue recycling bins are located in all classrooms, offices, hallways, and high-traffic areas. All recyclable materials can be put into the same bin.

    Download our recycling info-graphic to help remember what can and cannot be recycled.

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    Hydration Stations

    Hydration StationsHydration stations are bottle-filling stations that supplement traditional water bubblers around campus. Each campus building has at least one, and we also have installed them at the Sagamore Campus building.

    They save our community money and reduce the use of plastic bottles as well as all the fossil fuel used to transport the water bottles to stores.

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    Solar Energy

    Solar EnergyWe have solar PV on top of the LRC and Wasylean Hall and we have solar hot water panels on top of the Wellness Center. This means when you take a shower in the Wellness Center your water has been warmed by the sun!

    The LRC solar panels generate over 140,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually, which is enough energy to supply electricity to 20 homes of about 2,800 square feet each.

    See how much energy our LRC solar panels are producing here: WSU Solar Energy Dashboard

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    Charge Your EV Here

    EV ChargingWe have an app connected ChargePoint dual head charging station located near the Shaughnessy Administration building in Parking Lot H

    Our second charger is a dual head WattZilla charger located in the bottom floor of the Parking Garage (#14 on campus map) near the exit.

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    Responsible Food Options

    Freight FarmWe grow most of our lettuce on campus in our Leafy Green Machine. Our dining services provider, Chartwells is committed to the following practices:

    • Purchasing Fair Trade products
    • Buying local produce to support family farms
    • Purchasing Certified Humane Cage•Free Shell Eggs
    • Providing milk and yogurt that is free of artificial growth hormones
    • Providing customer nutrition, health and wellness

    Read more about Chartwells' committment to sustainability.

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    LEED Buildings

    LEED GoldLEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Buildings on Campus:

    1. Shaughnessy Administration Building (#6 on campus map) - LEED Gold
    2. Wellness Center (#7 on campus map) - LEED Gold
    3. Sheehan Hall (#19 on campus map) LEED Gold
    4. Dowden Hall (#20 on campus map) LEED Gold

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    Princeton Review/Awards

    Awards We've Won

    • Princeton Review - on their Green Colleges list for 5 years and counting MassDOT /MassRf des Eco Awards for commitment to a more sustainable Massachusetts in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018
    • 2015 Leading by Example Award from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for outstanding energy and environmental efforts in the Higher Education category
    • 2015 EPA Environmental Merit Award - National Food Recovery Challenge Award Winner for New England

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