4 Simple Ways to Bring Out the Leader in You

September 5, 2018
Written by Jess Evora, Assistant Director, OSILD

We, here in the Office of Student Involvement, have compiled a list of simple strategies to get you started on your leadership journey during your time here at Worcester State. We promise that it’s not actually as overwhelming as it may seem to get started.

First, Get Involved in Student Organizations.


Most of you have heard this time and time again, but we’ll say it once more in case you missed it (and because it’s just that important): Get Involved.

Getting involved on campus is one of the best ways to grow both as a person and as a leader.  Getting involved in student organizations can lead to an increased sense of belonging, increased confidence, and an improvement in overall success for college students.  If you’re not sure where to start, visit the staff in the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development on the 2nd floor of the Student Center. We’d be more than happy to sit down with you, get to know you, and point you in the right direction. We promise, we’re friendly!

Click here for details on our Student Organizations.

2. Participate in a Leadership Program

The Office of Student Involvement provides a variety of fun programs specifically designed to develop your skills as a leader.  Whether you are a seasoned student leader, or you are new to the concept of leadership, these programs will leave you more confident in your skills, more aware of the world around you, and better prepared to become the leader you’ve always admired. Stop by our office to learn more!

3. Get Serious on The Job 

Many students look for jobs simply out of necessity.  However, have you ever thought about the skills you gain by fulfilling the expectations of your job?

Some students work full-time.  Others work part-time. Regardless of your situation, if you do have a job, be sure to view your position as not simply a job, but as a learning opportunity. T ake the time to ask your supervisor to sit down with you and inform you of your strengths and what you could be doing better.  Challenge yourself to perform at your best, even when you don’t feel like it.  In the end, you’ll find that you get a lot more out of the experience than you otherwise would have.

It is also a great idea to apply for internships which can give you hands-on experience to develop your leadership skills. Visit the Career Services office on the second floor of the Student Center to learn more about internship opportunities available to Worcester State students. Don’t wait until your senior year. Career Services provides useful services to all students, regardless of your class status.

4. Talk with People You Admire

This is one of the most simple strategies to developing your leadership skills.  Start with a list of just 2-3 leaders who you admire here on campus.  It may be helpful to include a faculty member and/or one staff member here at Worcester State.  You may also include a fellow student who you truly admire.


Reach out to those individuals.  It doesn’t matter whether you know them personally.  Simply pick up the phone, or stop by their office and ask to get on their calendars.  Explain that you admire their leadership style and you would love to sit down with them for just 20-30 minutes to hear their story.

As you listen to the stories of others, you’ll start to pick up ideas and strategies that others have used in being successful.  The goal is not to take the same path as another person.  The goal is to take lessons from the experiences of others, and use those that may apply to you as individual pieces that may or may not fit into the puzzle that is your life.

Learning about the unique stories of others can help inspire us, point us in the right direction, and ultimately leave us prepared to shape our own unique path.


These are just some of the great ways you can begin your journey to dymanic leadership. Everyone has the potential to be a great leader.  Not everyone takes the time to develop the skills necessary to reach their full potential.

We know you are capable, and we are here to help! Visit the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development on the second floor of the Student Center to learn more about how to discover the leader in you.


The Office of Student Involvement