Student Involvement and Leadership

  • Student Organizations

    When you get involved in a student organization at Worcester State University, you develop lifelong learning skills that contribute to intellectual enrichment and to success following graduation. Research consistently demonstrates that if you are active and involved in campus life, you are more likely to stay in school, thrive academically, and complete your degree than students who stay on the sidelines.

    To learn more about any of our student organizations, please email or stop by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development on the 2nd floor of the Student Center.

  • Major Student Organizations

    Active Minds
    Active Minds works to increase student’s awareness of mental health issues and provides information and resources regarding mental health and mental illness. Members aim to remove the stigma that surrounds mental health issues through campus-wide events.

    Campus Ambassadors

    Campus Ambassadors is a Christian fellowship open to all WSU students. CA sponsors weekly Bible studies, campus-wide programs and speakers, retreats, and social events.

    Commuter Activities Board (CAB)

    CAB is a major organization that programs for commuter students and addresses commuter related issues. Programs include monthly commuter breakfasts, Commuter Appreciation Week, a paintball trip, and more.

    Dance Company
    Dance Company allows students to learn and perform different types of dance including tap, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary. Members of all skill levels and abilities have the opportunity to perform at recitals held at the end of each semester.

    Enactus is an international organization that connects student, academic, and business leaders through entrepreneurial-based projects that empower people to transform opportunities into real, sustainable progress for themselves and their communities. Through membership in Enactus, members gain knowledge and expertise in leading community projects.

    Student Government Association/Student Senate*
    As the governing body of WSU students, the Student Government Association and Student Senate work together to respond to issues and concerns relative to student life, advocate for student needs and rights, and allocate funds to student organizations each year. Elections for open positions are held at the beginning of each semester.

    Student Events Committee (SEC)
    SEC is the major student programming board on campus, and are responsible for over 60 events each year. Its purpose is to develop a large variety of programs and events, which include Spring Week, comedy, novelties, lectures, trips, and live music.

    Surreal Games
    Surreal Games is open to students who are interested in participating in a wide variety of games, including video games, board games, card games, or live action role playing. Events include Magic drafts and video game tournaments.

    Third World Alliance (TWA)
    TWA is an organization that brings diversity and enhances pluralism on campus through campus and community activities that reflect the unique cultural backgrounds of the WSU community. Events include Latin Heritage Month, Black History Month, the Multicultural Party, and lectures by special guests.

    WSU Pride Alliance
    Pride provides students at WSU and within the community with a forum for the issues relating to sexual orientation and sexuality and provide a place to socialize and plan campus programs. Members of Pride aim to encourage understanding and acceptance of members of the LGBTQ community.

    WSUR Radio
    WSUR, the campus radio station, exposes students to different musical artists, styles, backgrounds, and alternative radio programming. Students are responsible for managing the radio and hosting radio shows throughout the week.

    WOO Serve
    WOO Serve members work to foster civic engagement and leadership among the students of Worcester State.

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      Special Interest Clubs

      Almost Off Book 

      Best Buddies
      The mission of Best Buddies is to establish a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

      Chess Club
      Chess Club brings people who have an interest in chess playing together in a friendly environment. Members will both learn how to play as well as participate in competition with one another.

      Chemistry Club
      The Chemistry Club offers students the opportunity to become better acquainted with others who share their interests in science and to foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges o the modern chemist

      Criminal Justice Club

      The mission of the Criminal Justice Club is to enhance student’s educational opportunities related to the field of criminal justice and to broaden the community’s view of criminal justice in the workforce.

      Christian Athletes

      Council for Cancer and Research

      Educators of Tomorrow
      Educators of Tomorrow provides members with a helpful understanding regarding the requirements of the teaching profession, opportunities for networking and forming bonds with peers and faculty members, and information on growing trends and important topics in the field of education.



      It's On Us

      Le Cercle Francis (French Club)

      French Club is open to any students wishing to learn more about French language and culture.

      Math and Computer Science Club
      Any students who are interested in math and computer science as an academic major or a future profession are welcome to join.

      National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association (NSSLHA)

      NSSLHA benefits its members by continually improving its support, promotion, and advocacy of the highest quality preparation of professionals in audiology, speech-language pathology, and speech and hearing science. Members also work to promote and heighten awareness of communications and disorders to the community.

      Pre-Dental offers members the opportunity to network, contribute to the community through volunteering and community service, to learn about the field of dentistry, and to prepare for dental school.

      Professional Development Club
      The mission of the Professional Development Club is to create the opportunity for students to expand their knowledge in the business world.


      Social Justice Coalition (SJC)
      Members of SJC promote social justice and health equity in Worcester and at local, national, and global levels through education, outreach, and advocacy. Members also promote dialogue and action on global and local social issues and advance policy change through activities and civic engagement.

      Socialist Alternative
      The Socialist Alternative organizes concerts for the betterment of the student body and community and educates others through political discussion.

      Spanish Club
      Members of the Spanish Club promote Spanish language and cultures, Hispanic and non-Hispanic, of the countries where Spanish is a spoken language.

      Step Team

      Student Nurses Association (SNA)

      SNA promotes health education and disease prevention in the Worcester area and on WSU’s campus. Members organize community service activities and fundraise to support their efforts.

      Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)

      SOTA provides occupational therapy students with a supportive network, organizes social events and fundraising activities, and creates awareness about the field of Occupational Therapy across campus. SOTA also establishes a link with affiliated professional organizations.

      Tae Kwon Do
      Members of the Tae Kwon Do club work together to learn the art of Tae Keon Do, build confidence through mental and physical exercise, build leadership, and learn self-defense in a supportive social atmosphere.

      TREW Friends

      TREW Friends increases awareness for the need for organ donors, raising awareness of the importance of organ donations among individuals of all ages.

      Urban Studies Club

      WSU Democrats

      Young Americans for Liberty
      Club Sports
      Cheerleading Team
      The Cheerleading Team provides students the opportunity to cheer and compete against other teams with the same goal. Members also are able to enhance their cheerleading skills within a supportive team atmosphere. Membership to the Cheerleading Team is determined by tryouts.

      Dance Team
      Dance Team gives students the chance to dance and perform on an advanced team and compete against other teams with the same goal. Becoming a member of the Dance Team will provide team members with the opportunity to enhance their dance technique and provide a quality team experience. Membership to the Dance Team is determined by tryouts.

      Equestrian Team
      The Equestrian Team is open to any student interested in participating and furthering their equestrian skills and well as demonstrating their riding abilities. Members will compete with other intercollegiate riding teams in equestrian events.

      Lacrosse Club

      Lacrosse Club team members will compete against other colleges and universities with club lacrosse programs. Members also aim to achieve club sport status and become a member of the Pioneer Collegiate Lacrosse League. Lacrosse Club is open to any student interested in learning and playing lacrosse in a competitive setting.
      Other Student Groups
      Class Committees
      Two class committees, the Junior Class Committee and the Senior Class Committee, work to raise funds and provide programs for the students of their class year. Members of the Junior Class Committee are chosen from an applicant pool at the end of their sophomore year. Membership on the committee will continue through both junior and senior year. During junior year, committee members focus on fundraising for their class programs. Senior year, members provide a calendar of events for the members of the entire senior class.

      Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society (ODK)

      Membership to ODK is by invitation only. Invited students are then able to apply for membership into the ODK Honor Society. Membership is based on cumulative GPA and leadership both on campus and within the community.
      Community Service
      As a students at Worcester State, you're encouraged to get involved in the local community. You can join WooServe, a student organization focused on community service, or can stop by the John J. Binienda Center for Civic Engagement to learn more about local volunteer and service opportunities.
      Student Government Auction
      For more than 25 years, the SGA's annual Have-a-Heart Auction for the Homeless and Children in Need fundraiser has generated thousands of dollars for Worcester charities like the Mustard Seed, Abby’s House, and Sherry’s Place. In recent years, the SGA has raised more than $30,000 annually. Interested in joining the Auction Committee? Email for more information.