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    Residence Life and Gender Inclusive Housing

    Questions about Living at Worcester State University

    Worcester State's 53 acre campus, with four residence halls, is home to vibrant community of students. It's expected that incoming students will be curious about life at Worcester State, and what living on campus entails. The following questions and answers address the most common inquiries we get, but our Residence Life staff are happy to help with other questions as well - email or call 508-929-8074.

  • How big is my room?

    Because each residence hall is so unique, we cannot provide exact dimensions for every room. However, most rooms in Dowden Hall, our first year residence hall, are approximately 16 feet long and 11 feet wide.

    What is provided in the room?

    Each room is furnished with extra-long beds, dressers, desks, wardrobes, and bookshelves (Dowden Hall).

    When will I find out my current room assignment?

    Information on specific room assignments and roommate information is generally mailed in mid-July.

    After I receive my assignment can I come and see the room?

    Due to summer conference groups and camps, your exact room assignment may not be available for viewing, but we will do our best to show you a room of the same dimensions. Please contact the Residence Life and Housing Office by phone or email for available tour times.

    Can I request a specific roommate?

    Yes, you can request a specific roommate. Requests are made on our Roommate Questionnaire and must be mutual.

    If I am having a problem once I arrive on campus, whom should I contact?

    A resident assistant (RA) is the first person you should contact if you are having a problem on campus.

    RAs are student leaders who live with the resident students and are selected and trained to help establish a healthy residence community. They either assist directly or provide referrals for questions or concerns with academics, safety and security, physical or mental health, and other topics that are part of living on-campus.

    The next level of support is the residence director (RD). Residence directors are full-time professional staff who live in the buildings. They supervise student staff and are responsible for the overall management of the residence hall(s) to which they are assigned.

    If you are having difficulty on campus, you also can go to the Residence Life and Housing Office located in Sheehan Hall. Our phone number is 508-929-8074.

    As a first-year resident student, can I have a car on campus?

    A Resident Parking Pass Application must be completed. The Parking and Transportation department decides who can purchase a parking pass based on completed credits.

    What happens if I get documented for violating a university policy?

    An accused student receives written notification of charges and the date, time, and location of the judicial hearing. Students must attend the hearing on the date stated in the letter. If they do not attend, the hearing is held without them.

    A judicial hearing is a meeting with a university official or officials where the accused student may discuss his/her interpretation of the events. The university official or officials and the student will attempt to establish an agreement regarding the incident.

    For more information regarding the judicial process, visit Office of Community Standards and refer to the Student Code of Conduct.

    What are Quiet Hours?

    Noise can quickly become a problem in the residence halls because many people live and study together in a relatively small space. Quiet Hours have been established to ensure that students can sleep and study during evening hours.

    Quiet Hours are 9 p.m.  to 8 a. m. Sunday through Thursday, and 12 midnight to 8 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. During final exam periods, Quiet Hours are in effect 24 hours each day.

    Please also be aware that courtesy hours are also in effect 24 hours a day.

    What is the smoking policy of the residence halls?

    Worcester State University is a tobacco-free campus. Please visit our Health Promotion page for more information.


    What do I do if the heat in my room is not working properly?

    At any time, you can fill out a work order by logging into (student login required). If it is an emergency, you can contact University Police at 508-929-8911.

    What do I do if some of my personal property gets damaged in my residence hall?

    The University does not assume responsibility for loss of, or damage to, personal articles by fire, theft, or any other cause. Students are advised to carry personal property insurance. The Residence Life and Housing Office has information about personal renter's insurance. If your property is damaged, you should report it to your insurance carrier.

    What do I do if I am locked out of my room?

    Residents should report a lockout to University Police at 508-929-8911. Upon verification of identity, a University Police Officer will come to unlock the door.

    How do I report a maintenance problem in my room?

    If it is routine maintenance (i.e. light bulb replaced, broken shade or furniture), enter a work order by logging into (student login required).

    If it is an emergency (i.e. overflowing toilet, no heat, power outage, etc.) contact the Residence Life office by stopping in Sheehan Hall room 101 which is open Monday through Friday from 9 am until 5 pm, calling the office at 508-929-8074 (please do not leave a voicemail if an emergency) or call University Police 508-929-8911.

    How do I arrange for housing during college breaks (i.e. spring break and semester break)?

    There is no housing available between the closing for the fall semester and January 2. Approved students may stay on campus in their current assignment beginning in January for the semester break and during spring break. Individual requests for housing during these times are considered on a case-by-case basis. Completed applications must be submitted by the deadline in order to be considered.

    Is housing available in the summer?

    Summer housing is available while summer classes are in session. Applications are available in April and can be obtained from the Residence Life and Housing Office.

    How can I change my current meal plan?

    Meal plans can only be changed during the first two weeks of the semester (the add / drop period). Anyone wishing to change his or her meal plan after that date must wait until the following semester to do so. Anyone can add Dining Dollars to an account by visiting

    Where can I do laundry on campus?

    There are laundry facilities located on the 1st floors of both Wasylean Hall and Dowden Hall, in Chandler Village 16-1, and on the 2nd floor of Sheehan Hall. Each laundry area has washers and dryers for students to use. Our laundry rooms only accept money from the Common Funds on your OneCard.

    What is my mailing address?

    Students wishing to have mail sent to them on campus should have it addressed the following way:

    Worcester State University
    Student's First and Last Name - Residence Life
    486 Chandler Street
    Worcester, MA 01602

  • Gender Inclusive Housing

    Gender Inclusive Housing at Worcester State University offers residents the opportunity to choose their roommates, suitemates or apartment mates regardless of the gender identity of the individuals involved.

    All students who wish to live in a gender inclusive room, suite or apartment will indicate this on their License Agreement. New students who are interested in living in a gender inclusive living environment will have the option to indicate this preference on their housing license agreement.

  • What is Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH)?

    Gender Inclusive Housing allows for students signing up for this housing option to be permitted to have roommates, suitemates, or apartment mates regardless of gender identity.

    What is the purpose of Gender Inclusive Housing?

    Worcester State University recognizes that not all residents are interested in same-sex room assignments. GIH seeks to provide an environment that is welcoming to all gender identities and is not limited to the traditional gender binary (male and female).

    Who is eligible to sign up for Gender Inclusive Housing?

    Any student who is eligible to live on campus is eligible to apply to live in Gender Inclusive Housing.

    Where is Gender Inclusive Housing located on campus?

    A number of rooms, suites, and apartments are available for Gender Inclusive spaces in each of the residential areas on campus.

    Do I have to disclose my reason for requesting Gender Inclusive Housing?

    Students will not be required to reveal their reasons for opting to live in Gender Inclusive Housing.

    How do I sign up for Gender Inclusive Housing?

    Students who wish to live in Gender Inclusive Housing, are able to roommate match with other resident(s) who have completed all necessary steps in the housing process regardless of gender identity. Please note that we may be unable to accommodate requests received after the room selection process has concluded.

    • Returning resident students are able to match with up to 5 other students
    • New resident students are able to match with one other new resident student

    Please note that students must fill an entire space (apartment or suite) in Chandler, Sheehan, or Wasylean and an entire bedroom in Dowden Hall.

    What if I no longer want to live in Gender Inclusive Housing?

    Students may request room changes by following the room change procedures, by contacting the Residence Director of the building that they would like to live in.

    What if a vacancy occurs a Gender Inclusive space?

    In the event of a vacancy in a Gender Inclusive room, suite, or apartment, the remaining students will have five business days to seek out another student to fill the vacancy and communicate that student’s name to Residence Life. If suite/apartment mates have not notified Residence Life of someone to fill the vacancy within five business days, Residence Life reserves the right to assign a student from the waitlist, combine two or more under-capacity suites or apartments, or convert the suite or apartment to standard occupancy based on the gender identities of the remaining students. Residence Life will work closely with students in this process.

    What if I do not want to live in Gender Inclusive Housing?

    If resident students do not wish to live in Gender Inclusive Housing, they should roommate match with resident students of the same gender.

    What if my parents don’t want me to live in a Gender Inclusive room/suite/apartment?

    Worcester State University strongly encourages students to discuss their intent to participate in Gender Inclusive Housing with their parents/guardians. Students under the age of 18 should discuss housing plans with their families, as they must provide written parental consent. Students over the age of 18 will not need to provide parental consent as they are legally able to make decisions about housing.

    Are there Gender Inclusive restrooms in the residence halls?

    There are single use restrooms in Dowden Hall floors 2-5 which consist of a shower, toilet and sink. Chandler Village, Sheehan Hall and Wasylean Hall suites and apartments all have single use restrooms inside the suite/apartment.

    There are also public single use Gender Inclusive restrooms on the first floors of Dowden Hall, Sheehan Hall, and Wasylean Hall that consist of a toilet and sink.