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    Providing Learning and Development Programs

    The Center for Business and Industry at Worcester State University is committed to enhancing the skills of individuals in our communities and employees in our partner organizations. We deliver training on site at companies, online, on WSU's campus, or a combination. We offer both credit and non-credit training.

    We can customize solutions to fit your unique business needs. We will meet with you to understand your business goals and challenges. When you partner with us, we will work with you closely throughout the implementation of your training plan. We also offer open enrollment programming on campus that is accessible to individuals and businesses.

    By offering 725+ training programs, many costing as little as $99 to $225, and delivered online, in traditional classroom lecture, or in a blended online/live instruction format, Worcester State’s non-credit workforce credentials can help employers upgrade the skills of their entire workforce, or credential individuals for a promotion, higher salary, a new careers, or to start their own business.

    Why wait to begin training? Start earning in-demand, non-credit, workforce credentials right NOW, with many courses costing $115, or less. Click a training topic below, browse some of our 725+ course offerings, register, and begin training ASAP! Or contact the Center for Business and Industry to find out how WSU can bring the courses to your business or non-profit, and even help you write a grant that pays for the training.

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    Additional Opportunities

  • Earn a Credential for New Career (Cengage)

    Explore opportunities for earning a credential for a new career through Cengage.

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    Allied Healthcare Education (CareerStep)

    Worcester State University has partnered with Career Step to help students train for a rewarding new career.

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    WSU Center for Legal Studies and Paralegal Certification

    Explore opportunities with the WSU Center for Legal Studies and Paralegal Certification.

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    Access Grant Funds for Training

    The CBI can help you access needed training funds

    Annually, 187,000 Massachusetts businesses pay to fund the Workforce Training Fund. In turn, each year the Workforce Training Fund awards approximately $21 million in grant money to help businesses train employees, enhance skills, and learn new skills. The experienced staff of Worcester State University’s Center for Business and Industry has worked with 50+ Massachusetts companies to access millions in training funds, and we wish to extend these services to you, and your company, free of charge.

    CBI’s Commitment to You
    When your company agrees to contract with us for all your training needs resulting from a grant submission, the CBI will provide the following services to your company for free:

    • Training needs assessment
    • Training plan design
    • Trainer choice options
    • Preferred trainer status
    • Grant writing assistance
    • Approved grant management
    • In-depth grant reporting assistance

    Please know CBI staff have worked on many successful grant initiatives with companies of the commonwealth, and our Consultative Easy Step system (outlined above) has resulted in companies pursuing many consecutive grants through us, because we take on the most challenging parts of grant writing and management.

    The CBI will make your grant experience as Easy as 1-2-3!

    Step 1: Complete CBI’s online grants service agreement
    Complete the agreement to access the CBI’s free grant writing assistance. Please know this is a zero risk commitment, since only you can “click” submit of the final application, you can cancel a grant application any time before submitting, and your company will not be billed. Additionally, if your grant is one of the rare applications we have championed that is NOT approved, your company owes the CBI nothing.

    Step 2: The CBI will assess your company’s training needs
    Before we can write a competitive grant, the professional trainers and educators of the CBI will design a training program that meets your training needs and that of your staff. To make this assessment easy, the CBI offers you this link to free online training needs assessment that can be completed in an average of only 5 minutes time per employee, and can be easily distributed to your whole company via an email, or even text message. After we collect the initial data from this survey, CBI staff will meet with your leadership team to share the data, and prioritize your training needs for greatest return on your investment of time and company resources, aligning them with your company’s strategic vision.

    Step 3: Provide information needed to complete your grant application
    Once we begin working on a grant on your company’s behalf, the CBI will forward your designated company liaison three successive online surveys, each with only a few questions, and each including sample responses and recommendations for crafting rough draft answers. The short answers provided by your liaison will enable us to gather critical information about your company’s training needs, goals, and measurable outcomes, all essential to our grant writers crafting a competitive grant application consistent with our staff’s 96% grant approval rating.

    Let the Center for Business and Industry do all the heavy lifting to get the training funds your organization needs to take your company, and employees, to the next level of business success with the training your company needs!

    Contact us at 508-929-8787 today!

    Professional Development Courses (Ed2Go)

    Explore opportunities for professional development courses with Ed2Go.

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    Manufacturing Training (Blackstone Valley Educational Hub)

    Explore opportunities for manufacturing training with Blackstone Valley Educational Hub.

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    Cannabis Industry Workforce Training

    Worcester State University has partnered with Online Cannabis Education to offer students a comprehensive introduction to the cannabis industry.

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