• Disbursement of Financial Aid Refunds

    Financial aid refunds occur when a student’s financial aid for the semester exceeds the student’s charges for the semester. Refunds are disbursed to students usually around mid-October for the fall semester and late February for the spring semester.

    Refunds are generated by the Student Accounts/Bursar’s Office by check unless the student has set up direct deposit via WebAdvisor. Direct deposit is the preferred method for students to receive their refunds in a timely and efficient manner.

    Financial aid, with the exception of federal work study, is disbursed through the student’s account. A student may view their pending financial aid on their Statement of Account in WebAdvisor. Aid remains “pending” until it is disbursed.

    Students may use some of their refund to purchase books via a Book Voucher issued by the Student Accounts/Bursar’s Office. Students with eligibility for a Book Voucher will be emailed by the Student Accounts/Bursar’s Office about 2 weeks prior to the beginning of each semester. Any questions about Book Vouchers should be directed to the Student Accounts/Bursar’s Office.