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    A Worcester State University education prepares our students for a wide range of professional and education activities after graduation—and much more. From careers in health care, business, education, and more, to working on master’s degrees at universities such as Rutgers, Syracuse, and WPI, our graduates are improving their lives and those of their families.

    In the Class of 2017 Postgraduate Outcomes Report, more than 89% of respondents said that they were employed, enrolled in graduate school, or both within 6 months of graduation. The average annual salary in their first year of employment was $42,936. In addition, 84% either agree or strongly agree that their academic program prepared them for employment.

    Other findings include:

    • 63% were employed within 3 months of graduation, and a further 26% within 6 months
    • 87% remain resident in Massachusetts, 47% in central Massachusetts
    • 22% work in health care
    • 14% work in business, management, or accounting
    • 24% work in education
    • 8% work in human services

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