Leading with Love: Lessons from WSU Students

February 25, 2019

This February, a delegation of Worcester State student leaders had the opportunity to attend the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts 24th annual Student Leadership Conference in North Adams, Mass.  One of those students, Sarah Farnham, took the time to share the many lessons she learned regarding the importance of self-love.

By Sarah Farnham, WSU Student || Photos provided by S. Farnham

On Saturday, February 9, I, along with few other Resident Assistants on campus, had the pleasure of representing Worcester State University at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts’ 24th annual Student Leadership Conference in North Adams, MA.

Noah Aurelio, Alli Woeller, Mo Tran, Zoe Bates, Brenna Chaisson, Jess Lloyd, Dowden Hall Residence Director Colby Harvish, and I hiked into the Berkshire’s to expand our horizons. 

At this conference, there were over eight universities and their student leaders collaboratively engaging one another in what it meant to be a leader.  The unique thing about this particular leadership conference is that it was student lead!  Learning from and listening to my peers from across the New England was a wonderful way to share stories and skills.

WSU’s own Zoe Bates presented on public speaking and how to perfect a presentation. I was thoroughly impressed with her confidence and poise through the presentation. 

Zoe Bates Presenting at Conference.png

WSU Student Zoe Bates presented a session called “Public Speaking 101” at the conference.

Lessons from the Conference

We learned so much about how you can develop yourself and your community:

1. Conference speaker Jamie Piperato of JP HigherEd talked about how he can make the choice to lead with love. Come from a place of caring even if you don’t agree or understand yet.

2. Motivation matters. Understanding your own and other’s motivations will make working towards a goal run smoother.

Group Shot from Conference.png

The Worcester State delegation!


3. The stronger you disagree with someone, the more you have to teach  one another.  Take this conflict as an opportunity to grow and learn.


4. Being courageously vulnerable is the best way to establish a relationship. If people see you’re open, they are more likely to open up themselves.

5. Be self-aware of your boundaries and limitations. Everyone has them and it’s okay to say no.

6. Know your worth and the worthiness of those around you. Appreciate what you and your peers bring to the table.

7. Acknowledge differences in the people around you and in your community. It is the first step towards understanding and acceptance.

8. Take responsibility for the energy you bring into a space. Your word and actions impact those around you. Be mindful.


Thank you Sarah for sharing your Lessons of Love with the WSU Lancer community, and thank you to the Resident Assistants, and Resident Director Colby Harvish of the Office of Residence Life for representing WSU so well at the conference! 

To learn more about how you can grow as a person and a leader, visit the Office of Student Involvement on the 2nd floor of the Student Center.


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